Friday, March 27, 2009

Tonight...Be a Friend to a Liberal...

Nobody's Fool: Here we see the response we all knew (at least those of us that pay attention) was bound to happen.

A first democratic reaction due to Obama's biggest betrayal.

Upon hearing that the savior of the world, Obama---the man that was going to end all violence in the world, by using his wit, charm, talking ability, and swagger...the man that was voted in with breathless anticipation...causing leg palpitations, and salivating press agents...

Had a press conference of his own today where he sounded just like...dare I say it?

President George W. Bush.

Millions of Democrats across the nation are at home tonight, and not feeling all too well. Pepto's stock will go sky high on Monday.

Yes, Obama lied to his many fans. He actually said the same exact words that were said after 9.11! About how dangerous our enemy is! How the most important job he has is protecting the American we must continue fighting them...over there.

He is sending more troops and more money!

Oh MY GOD...what happened?

President Obama, was telling the whole world this morning that he was not only going to send more troops into Afghanistan, but Pakistan as well, along with billions of more taxpayer's money! And what the heck...we need to built all their hospitals, schools and roads too, he said, otherwise...what's the point?

It's the only way to remain safe from another attack.

For one brief moment...Obama was George W. Bush. It was pretty scary.

Meanwhile, in the town of Belleville, Illinois, the school is sinking, but the kids CAN have a great time jumping over all the cracks. And they will need new schools in Fargo, North Dakota, but they can wait. The kids in Pakistan need schools...NOW.

Well, at least that's the good liberal news.

But....hey! Didn't Obama promise to bring all the soldiers home? Will there be one liberal in the press that will even have the tenacity to get their head up out of the toilet and point out that Obama is actually beefing up Bush's war?

Will Rosie O'Donnell be able to stand herself?

Tonight is the night, that I would advise anyone who has a liberal Obama supporter friend...not to let them drive. Make them give you the keys. Give them a shoulder to cry on.

As we can see by the picture...this poor Democrat just couldn't handle the news any longer.

Nevertheless, this nobody suggest that on Monday morning, when you talk to your liberal sure to say..

"I told you so."

Maybe next time, they will think before they drink and vote.



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