Friday, April 03, 2009

Nobody Flashes Ping-Pong Tables

Nobody Flashes on a Friday Night:

I'm Spring cleaning. It's something my mother did, and her mother before her, and her mother before her, all the way back to the mud huts of Prussia. Or maybe even Rome, I'm not sure.

Anyway, you HAVE to wash your walls down, or you didn't do it right.

Tomorrow, I am going to clean my ping-pong table. I have a ping-pong table that's over thirty years old.

I think I'm going to paint it black, and eat all my meals on it, like this rich couple.

Come on...tell me someone did NOT pay for this table. And then had burgers in a suit and tie. As IF eating on a ping-pong table is going to make you want to buy it.

Do they do this in China? Somebody help me out here.

What planet are we on again?

Well, what can you expect. It's a New World Order, and we'd better all get use to eating our food on our old ping-pong tables I guess...because soon, it will be mandatory that you invite someone who isn't as fortunate as you over to dinner, and you'd better have that ping-pong table ready.

I'm putting this important possession right up there with getting myself new curlers. I want to look my best when my first "comrade" comes over.



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