Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Nobody Knows:Have We Forgotten Nine and Eleven?

Nobody Knows:
Last night, I was doing my taxes, (that should have been enough warning right there) when I heard on the radio that, at that very moment, two F16's, were flying after a stolen Cessna 172, pretty much right over my head. The man in the Cessna was ignoring the fighter pilots, and there was a chase going on.
Well, that's encouraging, I thought.
When I heard that the plane had come all the way from CANADA, like any sane person I thought, well--- when are they planning on taking this guy down? After all, he was in the middle of the country. I guess they were just waiting for him to run out of gas.
God forbid we actually "hurt" a possible terrorist who "might" have WMD's on board, or is planning an attack. Obama would never forgive us.
He is having a hard time liking America as it is.
This morning, we all heard, in such a nice way as to not worry us, that the guy's name was Adam Dylan Leon, (Yavuz Berka) and he said that he was just feeling suicidal, and was hoping that they would shoot him down.
What's amazing about the news, is that after 9/11, nobody thought this act was in any way, anything to be upset about.
So...I ask you Ladies and Gentlemen...does this guy look suicidal to you? Does he have that "I am so lonesome I could die?" look? Or does he have that, "You are all fools, and infidels, and you are all easy marks! You stupid American pigs!" look how far they let me fly! I could have killed you all! You will all be dead soon, and I proved it! Allah be praised! "
As we can see from these two pictures, Yavuz KNEW, that with a President like Obama, not a thing would be done to him.
No one would shoot him down, proving to all in the world, that if you want to get in a plane, and fly over any part of the United States, and fly it into a nuclear plant...go ahead!
All you have to be is a Muslim, and you will be protected!
In many places on the planet tonight, Yavuz Berke, is a hero...and will be getting a statue dedicated to the flight to prove America's continued weakness.
But hey! We all talked about the weather today. That was MUCH more important. It's spring, and the crops are freezing during global warming.
Meantime, Obama says we have Christians, but are not really a Christian nation. We are citizens.
Citizens who it seems, have forgotten the numbers, nine, and eleven.
And nobody knows why our President is stuck on the number....one.



Blogger Earl said...

If he was feeling suicidal,why didn't he just dive into the ground?

Now he will end up in a court circus and probably spend a few days in a mental hospital.

Too many people are living in 9/10 and before.

6:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Earl..you know, this was just a test.

Sure, the pilots handled it well, but the question really is...why let him fly to the middle of the country?

Even if he was trying to pick a fight?

8:59 PM  

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