Sunday, April 05, 2009

Obama Pukes Political Nukes

Nobody's Opinion:
Turn on the History Channel any old day of the week, and you will find dozens of examples of men torturing other men: killing, raping, maiming, and controlling: men lining up people and just shooting them in the back, cutting their throats. You will witness mass exterminations of millions of people, by hundreds of leaders who just wanted to get rid of whoever opposes them…

And then there’s the endless lists of wars…wars fought on every continent, by every nation, for whatever reason, mostly over power and control, or just because kings and tyrants could do it. For the money, for the power, for the control.

What a rush.

In our own time, we have seen a whole lot of undeclared wars. Because, when a war is undeclared, you can go on forever and ever in the undeclared war, sending troops, supplies, contractors, and your best men.

If a war stops, so does the money needed to fight the wars. This is why we will NEVER leave the Middle East. It’s chess piece on the road to further corporate globalization. Have we left anywhere else?


That’s the main plan, though they always come up with “democracy” or elevating “poverty” or “It’s our moral duty.” to sell the war to the people.

And it works, every single time.

This time, we were attacked. Our government did not protect us. They claimed they had no idea!

Why, no one saw THAT coming!

Even if you think the 9/11 conspiracy theories are all crap, the fact is, they were all very aware of the danger, and yet...did nothing.

Dereliction of duty doesn’t even come close to their incompetence; it was almost as if they wanted it to happen.
Both parties…and the names of the guilty, have been around for all our lives.

So, the question we ask today, after North Korea proudly showed that they could launch a missile and hit us or Japan with a nuclear weapons... (thank you very much Mr. Clinton) …Just which historical point about mankind and mankind’s vast and historical proclivity for destruction does Barack Hussein Obama NOT get?

Could he really be so naïve and stupid to believe that in millions of countries all over the world, men do NOT want to destroy us and watch us float up into a cloud of oblivion? Or is this just to gain some kind of political chess move? Is he building up a great nuclear arsenal, and secret weapons to protect us...out of sight?

Is that where the TARP money really went? (Oh sure, we wish.)

Well, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say, he thinks he is just so important that he alone, by getting rid of the entire United States nuclear arsenal, that we will be appreciated by the Russians, the Chinese, the Iranians, and so, they will all just destroy theirs too, and we will all live happily ever after.

I too was once naïve. I was raised a Christian, and most religious people go by that law, “Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you.”

So, you think growing up that as long as you’re “good” the other guy will be good back.

Hey---I got by most of my life buying into that fool of a rule.

I even passed it onto my son. He never started a fight. He was kind, and gentle.

Then one day, I glanced outside my window and there was a black boy of about eleven, kicking my son in the HEAD, (my son is white) He could have been brain damaged for life.

A hate crime if ever there was one…but let’s not go there.

I ran outside and the black boy ran. My son said that, he and his friend were just playing ball in his front yard, and the kid came up and attacked him from behind. And you know what? I believed him, because I called the cops, and the boy admitted doing it, and his mother made him apologize…to the cop. My son only received a message from the cop saying, “He promises to never do it again.”

That black boy did not even know my son. He just felt like beating up a white kid.

So what kind of message does this tell us?

We need Terminator mothers.

And we also need Terminator Presidents to protect us, because the world is not a kinder, gentler place. If anything, it’s far more dangerous than it has ever been.

Michelle’s nomination dress is proof of that.

So---once again---what part of--- “I promise to protect and defend the American Constitution, so help me God.” does Barack Hussein Obama not understand?

He could care less. He is on a mission--a mission of his own-- to destroy America, and then become King of the World.

With only a few weeks in the office, he has managed to put us o the road to do just that.

All he needs is a little help from his comrades in North Korea, Iran, or China.

No wonder Obama got along so well with the Communists at the G-20 summit. With a comrade like Barack Obama, who needs a nuclear weapon?



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