Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Nobody Cares if I Geo-Engineer Myself a Vacation From a False God

Nobody Cares: I can’t ski.

But, having said that… Obama is not God.

Somehow these two thoughts are crossing my mind in this particular nano-moment in time, and colliding into each relentlessly---like two fly’s fighting for a place on the soda cup lip.

Obama wants to be God. Today, he is considering the concept of “geo-engineering.” He wants to shoot sulfur particles up into the air, which will cool the earth, because it will block the sun… forever maybe.

This will cut down all the fires we have been having, he says.

It will also destroy most of all the plants and animals on the earth, which need the sun to grow the food, to feed the earth. Therefore he will be causing mass starvations all over the planet and millions will die.

This is just a messy detail, I suppose, to Obama.

Tell me…if you had to pick between New York going under water, or the rest of the world starving and dying, which would YOU choose?

Yeah, I know.

So, ask yourself--- if Obama wants to block the sun, then why does he insist on everyone switching to solar panels? No sun…no electricity…yeah, that makes sense.

This man is either not playing with a full deck, or he knows he owns the casino, and it’s already stacked for the house.

Take you’re pick.

Yeah, this guy has GREAT ideas and we are seeing them every single day. I feel like I’m running from a swarm of African changing, Obama killer bees.

Here’s an Obama killer bee: The poor can’t afford to take vacations. The rich are scared to.

Obama and all his “changes” are bankrupting our American God-Given right to have a good time.

My last vacation was when I took a day off to mow my lawn. I can look forward to that again this year. At least I HAVE a lawn to mow…right?

This is worrying many of the big hotel chains. We just get those Mexicans here, and now there are not enough people in the hotels to give them big tips to send home. It’s a problem. They have gone back to eating bananas, instead of McDonalds down south.

So, we see Ellen DeGeneres trying to resuscitate Las Vegas by doing her show at Caesar’s Palace. Bill O’Reilly was seen wearing a Mickey Mouse Hat…and Hawaii’s is suffering so badly, Hula dancing is now performed on the planes to France.

But, Americans are coping.

We WILL have fun, President OBAMA---because we can be creative!

Instead of that wonderful weekend at Snowmass, you can just put on your ski boots, and step up to your living room video run down the mountain, thereby saving the planet from the pollution you would have caused from flying or driving to Colorado, thereby saving the planet from warming.

Why not just outlaw vacations, and set up these video consuls in the malls, and forget messing with the plant’s weather, Obama? Why not?

What more does this man want from us? Does he want us to DIE while dreamng of Tahiti?

There is good news. I could someday actually learn how to ski. The chances are pretty slim, but it COULD happen.

But Obama,--- could never, ever, in a million, trillion, Quadra zillion years, do as good as job as God has done with the planet’s weather.

Why, he can’t even talk without a teleprompter, nor can any of his cabinet members do simple math. With their incompetence, they would miss the atmosphere, and the sulfur would end up in Dick Cheney’s back yard.

If he keeps this up, the real God is going to just going to have to do something about it.

So, tonight I’m thinking…I’m pretty sure God forgives me for not being able to ski, but there is one thing I can do to help out. (Feel free to join in.)

Pray, that if Obama really does start fooling around with Mother Nature,

A few nicely placed lighting bolts might just give him enough scare to…


In fact…now the flies are sitting very still on my cup, and I wonder…

Can Obama ski? Now is as good a time as any for him to go practice.
While we all say a prayer….

“Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray that Obama’s geo-engineering program goes on the bleep…”

Hey, I was nice.
But imitating God is not.

God, I'm counting on you're best stuff!
(Then let me win a vacation!, God knows, I deserve one.)



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