Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Big Turnout In St. Louis Tea Party...Drones On

Nobody Reports: Above are some pictures taken very early of the gathering tea party in St. Louis. As you can see, I got bits and pieces of the crowd, before it got REALLY big..the crowd was actually split in half, with the people on the stage having to speak to two, I just got pictures from one side.

The other side had twice as many people, who were all standing, quietly like troopers.

The gathering was over by around 8:00 p.m. and our local FOX news channel, believe it or not, did NOT report the over 8,000 people that showed up tonight in downtown St. Louis, for OUR second tea party protest. I know, because right after the event, we raced home to watch the news.


Another local station mentioned it, but like most, acted as if it was just a little gathering of old people with nothing to do.

It wasn't. As you can see from my pictures...they had all ages. St. Louis didn't have any Glenn Becks, or Hannity speakers, but the ones we did have were full of patriotic heart, and that's all that mattered to any of us.

They also did NOT report the drone that went over all us good and kind citizens, just sitting calmly around with our signs...protesting.

Yes, now, the Americans citizens I guess really are considered the terrorists of our country. Why else spy on them with a military drone? The Czars of Homeland Security now see the tea parties as a threat.

We truly have lost America to a most dangerous President.

My husband and I couldn't believe our eyes! There we were, thrilled that so many people showed up...the working class. Tired, worn out... but there because they are proud Americans, and love their country. My husband and I were just sitting there enjoying all the signs...and suddenly, there it was...a drone. Overhead. Spying on us all as if we were all considered criminals.

Waiting for what? If this isn't a dire sign of things to come folks, I don't know what is.

The problem was, both my husband and I were to see a military drone spying on it's own citizens that we didn't think to get a picture of it. You'll just have to take my eye-witness account, backed by my x-navy seal husband, and about three military guys sitting close, that it was a definite...drone.

And why? As it is reported everywhere, the people that attend these things are decent, law-abiding, good, kind, and most of all...patriotic to their very bones, Americans.

And's come to this. Good God. I would have never believed it. And I bet you will only read about it here.

I wonder...did they have more drones in other cities? Is this our future? According to the Miami Herald, it is. are some more pictures ..because we all know the problems all too well....

On the whole, St. Louis, continues to turn out big crowds... and on the Fourth of July, you will see not thousands, but millions, I predict...just wait.
They're gonna need more drones.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I bet they didn't mind the illegal immigrants march from a couple of years back as much. And those don't pay any taxes.

I'm really hurt by the fact that a few idiots are destroying the US, a country to which I'm more emotionally attached than my own due to the values it STOOD(note the past time) for. I really hope for a rebirth from ashes like a Phoenix bird, but the things that have to be done to fix stuff will never fly politically. It will be interesting to see how the US will pay their 78.8 trillion USD in unfunded obligations.

12:48 PM  

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