Sunday, April 12, 2009

Nothing Like A Good Ending

Nobody's Opinion:

"No man can be brave who thinks pain the greatest evil; nor temporate who considers pleasure the highest good." ....Cicero

God Bless those Navy Seal Snipers! (Okay, I admit, I have a weakness for the Seals: personal reasons.)

I don't know about you, but if America had NOT saved that brave captain at sea from those horrible pirates...many of us would have wondered just WHAT good are all these trillions that we spend on our military?

And frankly, I'm tired of hearing how these pirates have no choice but to capture boats for ranson, due to the fact that they are so poor. Today, I actually heard some military man on FOX news say that to the Somalians, it was just thier way of doing business.

Please...with men like that around, I'm surprised that anything gets done.

Let the brave men, be brave, for God's sake...After all, if Thomas Jefferson can go and defeat them, there is NO reason that our forces today cannot do it. Our weapons systems are much more adanced than Jefferson's Navy. And why these companies don't have advanced weapons onboard and hire personal guards is beyond me. All of us are going "How does this happen in the FIRST place?"

Anyway, we needed some good, let's go get the rest of them!



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