Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Save the Polo Ponies...

Nobody’s Perfect: Jesse Horseshoe Jackson is organizing a NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored Ponies) walk, for polo ponies' right to be able to work as hard as polo ponies can without being poisoned and killed.

Yes, right in front of a crowd of polo loving horse lovers, 21 horses just fell down and died of probably a toxin…no one knows if this is a crime, or just a coincidence.

Probably a coincidence says a government spokesman.

Horses and ponies from all over the country are expected to show up for the walk, which will start right in front of the Fontainebleau Hotel, and go up the beach, all the way to Palm Beach to raise awareness of this horrible tragedy.

The horror of the massacre which happened on the US polo games in Wellington, Florida, proved that Godfathers work in mysterious ways. It also happened to occur right after Hugo Chavez gave Obama a book in Spanish, a language that he can’t read.

Once again, another coincidence.

Jesse suspects President George W. Bush, and redneck white men, for not giving enough money for the welfare of polo ponies, even though these horses are worth over 50,000 a piece, all money given to the NAACP usually goes to the top CEO’s and therefore the problem and discrimination.

There will be an investigation, followed by each horse getting a “taster” of all food and drugs given before each game from now on...

The Polo team’s owner, Victor Vorgas, a multimillionaire from Venezuela could not be found for comment.

Okay, I made this all up…but it was just too sad. Horse lovers all over the world today are mourning this incredible loss to the world. It doesn’t matter who owned these horses, horses are just about as wonderful as all of the other fine animals on this planet, and I’m sure many of those that died were dear to those who cared for and loved them.

God weeps, but…so far…Peta…does nothing.



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