Friday, April 24, 2009

What We Need is a New Hat!

Nobody Flashes: Not many people know that I have three patents...and also that I am one of the 98% of the people in the United States whose patents never made a dime...but no matter!
Somewhere, I'm in the Who's Who's of inventors! But, don't ask me why...I did not fall for that "Have YOUR patent put in a brand new frame to show off in your office for only 59.99!" gimmick. I just photocopied mine and put them up in 2 dollar frames like any other cheap gal!
Having said that, I admire any improvement over most I suggest that all the women Brigadier generals in the future get this really cool new updated version of the old Davy Crockett hat.
If you took off the facial thing, and put a nice military strap on it...a female general would look VERY intimidating when and IF she had to go in front of Congress. I dare say, they would think twice before messing with her.
I had a Davy Crockett hat as a kid.... and I had my toy gun, and I must tell you, I won every neighborhood fake gun battle against my brother...until of course, he grew up and got a BB gun.
The creep.
That hat made me.
Come on...wouldn't Brigadier Genreal...woops...I mean Colonial Janis Karpinski look simply marvelous in this hat?
I plan to get one to wear to the next tea party.
Hey, I'm still spring cleaning....what do you expect?



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