Friday, April 24, 2009

The Torturing Continues...

Nobody Wins: It was decided today after Nancy's Pelosi's flat-out denial that she was EVER aware of ANY torture being done after the 9/11 attack because of the fact that she had been busy singing God Bless America on the Steps of the Capitol every single morning...that a little payback was due.

Seen above is a picture of The Speaker found in the CIA's very secret vault of "pictures of torture suggested by the American people."

After all, Nancy is so appalled that people in our military actually stripped men naked and took their pictures just to torture them, that she has demanded that 2,000 pictures of naked, mostly Arab men be released so that the whole world can hate us even more and get on with that major nuclear attack that the Democratic party deems so necessary to our country, since THEY think America is such a cesspool of rednecks they just can't bear it anymore.

She had a hard time getting Barney Frank to release these photo's, and had to go to his house to get them herself, but nevertheless, she promised that Barney could have a few for himself to sell to TIME MAGAZINE, in return for his own personal photographer to be at his beck and call, just in case he wanted some more taken, since she took so many of his finest and favorites.

By the way: Look for TIME to put out a special issue of "Naked Iraq's! Call 1-800-Congress!"

Also found was this picture, kept by the CIA, of what can happen if you listen to too many Obama speeches...which are becoming daily sources of horrendous torture to all American citizens, as every word that comes out of his mouth is another step forward to our demise.

All satire aside, Nobody Wins when your own government releases photo's of "prisoners" being tortured. After many an American son or daughter is killed because of this pernicious and baseless action, Nancy Pelosi will say..."We didn't know they would actually get mad about these pictures, we thought they would know and like us!"

If only this picture of Nancy were real......



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