Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Gay Green

Nobody Cares:
Yesterday was Earth Day, and as we see here, Al Gore came out of the closet and came into the green light to save the planet.

Yes, Al Gore,…has added another fine suggestion for us all. In order to save the planet, he suggests encouraging all men and women to become gay. And since gays don't will thereby reduce the population and there will be less terrible people who just sit around getting fat, thereby having to drive big cars to haul their fat, and then having lots of fat kids who will of course eat up the planet's ozone.
This is actually the new economic plan in a nutshell. Less people, means more money that will not have to be given out to health care....because let's face it...the Medicare money that was supposed to be locked box, is now buried in giant vaults deep in Al Gore's bunker, and hidden deep in zip-lock bags beneath the freezers of Barney Frank's storage of Philly's New York Hot Dogs. Two men, on a mission. Barney Frank, to his credit, came into red light green money save-the-planet district long ago.

Al Gore is saving the go Gay Green . Let’s keep the earth free of more pesky people.
Remember, as the History Channel reminds us....the planet will be just fine when people finally die off. (Pearls courtesy of Caroline Kennedy, from the Jackie collection, found at fine stores everywhere, in affordable recycled Gay Green plastic.)



Blogger Kathy said...

In the words of a not so famous man (a wonderful man, who was born in Korea) , said to me often "girl, you clack me down"!!!

Earth Day: that's when all the lefties get on their private jets and fly around to give speeches about how we (the little people) need to stop being so greedy. We (that is in us not them) need to stop using gas, turn down thermostats (though Obama keeps the Oval Office hot enough to grow orchids), and of course it would be nice if we would stop breathing, since we emit CO2 when we exhale.

It has been noted, but no studies have been done, that we could get it cooler on the planet if these hot air buffoons would just stop talking.

11:32 AM  
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