Friday, May 01, 2009

Are We Laws? Or... Are We Men?

Nobody Wins: Michael Bloomberg, the man who ignored the people’s law, by ignoring term limits, making himself King of New York with not so much as a “wait a minute, you can’t do that,” was on Charlie Rose with his personal Gestapo talking about what New Yorkers are going to be demanded to do in his upcoming dictatorial terms of “energy” programs---for the cause of saving the planet.

New York is becoming New Bangkok.

And Czar Obama continues to amaze us all---taking over banks, companies, prime time networks---swiftly putting the United States on the road to total fascism, all the while laughing at the people’s tea bag protests.

Bill Clinton, threatened us with one finger, while signing NAFTA with his other hand. Meantime, he gave North Korea the knowledge and the plutonium to make nuclear bombs…because well, they said they wouldn’t test missiles and he trusted them.

President Bush, scolded brave patriots protecting our southern border with nasty names, calling them, “vigilantes.”

All these men are from the boardrooms of the elite power structure of the Eastern Seaboard.

And yet, most of us think we might not even be in this mess if President George Bush and his Republican Party had not lined up John McCain to fail, JUST so his brother could stage a come-back and save us all as another Bush President.

Why else would he throw us to a "progressive" communist?

Already, millionaire Jeb Bush is starting a “grass” roots movement with billionaire Mitt Romney in order to “take back” the country.

It was this news today that made me feel like I had just eaten a rotten banana before I slipped on its peel.

Anyone pass the age of reason, knows that we are ruled by an oligarchy, who think of the United States’ citizens as just pawns to be moved around in order to secure their own power. Like all other nations, we seem to be on the road to oblivion. The more they can keep us fearful, and stupid, and politically correct, the more they (both parties) can get by with their crimes.

Still, (sigh) this is nothing new. In fact, John Adams predicted it so long ago.

Here’s what John Adams said in his “Defense of the Constitution” about a corrupt “one assembly” system gone wild: which may I say so abruptly, is what we have.

Remember, as you read John’s thoughts, to really think of what’s been happening in our lifetime.
The underlined words are mine, not John’s.

“The question then will be, whether this aristocracy in the house will unite or divide? And it is too obvious, that destruction to freedom must be the consequence equally of their union or of their division. If they unite generally in all things, as much as they certainly will in respecting each other’s wealth, birth, and parts, and conduct themselves with prudence, they will strengthen themselves by insensible degrees, by playing into each other’s hands more wealth and popularity, until they become able to govern elections as they please, and rule the people at discretion. An independent member will be their aversion; all their artifices will be employed to destroy his popularity among his constituents, and bring in a disciple of their own in his place.

But if they divide, each party will, in a course of time, have the whole house, and consequently the whole state, divided into two factions, which will struggle in words, in writing, and at last in arms, until Caesar or Pompey must be emperor, and entail an endless line of tyrants on the nation.

But long before this catastrophe, and indeed through every scene of the drama, the laws, instead of being permanent, and affording constant protection to the lives, liberties, and properties of the citizens, will be alternately the sport of contending factions, and the mere vibrations of a pendulum. From the beginning to the end it will be a government of men, now of one set, and then of another, but never a government of laws.”

Can one actually fight the richest bunch of Harvard elitists that plan to keep their families in power till the end of time?

Do any of them deserve to rule?

Mr. Adams and our founders knew this would happen---they warned us.

We are…a nation of men, not of laws, and tyranny is galloping in fast on a black horse.

So, what are we going to do about it?

One word: fight!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bugger the elites. You have rang the bell and Amfortas misses his friend Joyanna.

6:57 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

Sweet amfortas...Joyanna misses him too...

8:11 PM  
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