Wednesday, April 29, 2009

GIve Him a Tiara

Nobody Knows: Just how really sick and tired I am of writing about Obama and his persistent sky-pilot neurosis of trying to get the American people to like him after he is smashing our country into the ground. Never mind that he is having the help of just about everyone in the rest of Congress...the Air Force One stunt was just about the last nail in the hammer much more stupid can you get?

And I SHOULD be in Arnold, Missouri today, joining my local protesters, but I've actually witness the great train of cars and entourages of Presidents and how many guns they carry, and how they will threaten to shoot you if you even step off the sidewalk, to take a picture. (I'm not joking about that.)

No thanks.

So, here's a noteworthy subject that didn't even make the news today because right now at the top of the news is the noteworthy piece about a Mexican child who made it into Houston only to die of Swine Flu. This subject is even ahead of American Idol's Gay Elvis, not exactly an easy subject to top.

This is putting a lot of "Oh my God" fuel into all the conspiracy people who wonder why Mexicans are dying and not Americans? Mmmmmmm

So, let's think about what we would or would not do.

This is Riwin Jirapoi Sek' He took all his mom's old jewelry and made her a very pretty tiara, because her hair has a tendency to get in her eyes, he says. It's worth $4.35 million.

If I were Paris Hilton, I'd invite this guy for a ride in her car, and bark.

And here's the questions: Would you or would you not, make a tiara for you dog worth over $4.35 million? And would you, or would you not, go to Arnold, Missouri just to say you were there standing outside Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri, when Obama made his case of how marvelous things have been in his first 100 days of office?

I will leave this for you to ponder. Personally, between the two, I'd pick the first option.

And in the end, the real question I have is: why did Bill Clinton AND Barack Obama choose to speak at Fox High School in Arnold, Missouri...a town with only 20,000 people?

Nobody Knows, but if you go by the news, they are in the middle of meth lab country. didn't know that? One thing that is certain. There is no swine flu there...yet.



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