Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Say Cheese!

Nobody’s Perfect: Even though it was not the wicked witch of the West flying with her evil monkeys over the heads of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz…it wasn’t far off.

Okay, so you didn’t care about the sheer fear and terror you would install in thousands of New Yorkers when you flew you’re gigantic Air Force One, being chased by F=16's jets, over the exact same spot where the twin towers had once existed.
What...you had no idea where your plane was? Where were you, Mr. President, at the time?

So you needed some really cool pictures to show that a black man now has the highest and most powerful position in the world…and it just felt good to say to the pilot…”Hey, let’s get a good picture with us flying over New York.”

How would YOU know that hundreds of people would pile out of building in sheer terror…after all, it wasn’t on the teleprompter.

Hey---we know you’re not perfect. Sometimes you just feel like being sixteen again, right?

So, here’s a suggestion. Next time you want a cool photo-op, go over to China and fly over the wall. It would make the perfect picture…and very fitting for the first elected black President, who is having trouble knowing exactly how to act like a proper President of the United States should.

And while you're there, get out and have a walk around. Leave your plane here.
Okay, so no one is saying if the President was on his plane at the moment or not, but...how did AIR FORCE ONE get through the skyline of New York if he wasn't on it? Do you actually think they'd admit he was so arrogant as to do such a stunt?
All you have to do is find a fall guy. Obama says he was "furious"...well so are the American people.
Just another "first" for an American President.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fair do's beautiful friend of Amfortas. The pilots have to get their hours in, even when O'Barmy is in the office.

I recall a tale of when Air Force One was in England after dropping the Pes du Jour off at a conference. It was flying around 'familiarising' as aircrew do. The pilot called an RAF base for an approach and overshoot and the controller asked his position. The pilot said, "You've got Radar. I'm right here. Find me." The controller replied, " You've got multi-channel UHF. I am changing frequency. You find me". :)

Miss you sweet lady. Hope the better half is recovering.

7:07 AM  
Blogger Joyanna Adams said...

That's a great story! Yeah, well, he COULD have taken practice in South Dakota, but then, the Sultans, would not have had that great view of ground zero, now would they?

8:17 PM  

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