Monday, May 04, 2009

The Career Makers

It’s Tuesday night, and the dog is barking at the moon, and its cold…here’s the gardening question: Do you bring in your cheap gardenia tree from Monsanto inside to die? Or do you just leave it out in the cold night air? I’m not getting dressed, so that decides it. I’m not expecting Christopher Hitchens anytime soon, so I’m safe.

Nobody’s Knows:
Just how much movie stars influence career choices.

I learned the other day, that despite what people think, Seinfield, never, ever, on any given night drew as big an audience as Family Ties. You wouldn’t know that by the way they were always acting as if he was the king of television, would you?

I also wondered if the character of Alex Keaton had anything to do with the many thousands of financial guru’s on Wall Street that were involved with the great inventive and creative money making scams that have caused the United States to become the next Soviet Union because they had grown up watching Family Ties, and thought that when they grew up, they wanted to be just like Alex.

So Michael, it’s your fault. Not only did you put on that shameless show for the commercial for stem cell research, but your acting was so good, and you were just so cute and charming, that millions of young men and women grew up wanting to be just like you, and that’s why Wall Street is now owned by the government.

Yes, we need new scapegoats…I’m tired of the same old ones.
(Having said that, I've always liked his films...just like everyone else. Michael has always kept us entertained...and for that, he can go ahead and be a liberal! Who else can go around on a skateborad at the age of 43 and look natural?)



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