Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Nobody Flashes: Savage Flu, It's a Killer...

Nobody Flashes: Today, it was reported that on a road to London, a bootlegged copy of a Micheal Savage broadcast from two days before, was heard all over the country by millions on their way to work, on their car radios.

Nobody Knows who played the broadcast, because it came from an unknown source.

Men, women, and children alike---in fact everyone in their cars, instantly keeled over from the horrible sound of Michael Savage's voice... a sound that has been banned forever from sensitive ears and minds of the British people.. much like the Magna Carta, freedom of speech, pictures of Princess Diana crying, and having a brain.

As you can see from this picture, thousands of Brits were so horrified by the words of the "National enemy of the Queen, that terrorist Michael Savage" that the reports are that it will take months before the cars can be actually removed from the streets, as there is a shortage of towers, due to the fact that many towers died listening to the Savage voice, thereby suffering a horrible end also.

In fact, half of the country is dead, well, most of the working class anyway.

Okay...England has lost its ever-loving socialistic, freaking, mind. Dr. Savage, is one of the last Independent voices heard anywhere. He belongs to no party, and you know what that means.

The New World Order has decided Savage is a dangerous man...

Wait...update! On London Bridge tonight, an old broadcast of Rush Limbaugh has gone out through the local police cars radio's....five coppers have been found collapsed in their cars...
One car went over the side into the THAMES.....a witness on the scence said there was a man who looked a lot like Colin Powell hitting his radio with a jackhammer, but later the witness said he was wrong, and it was reported that the witness had been drinking.

What can we do?

Quick...Obama...hurry...apologize to the Queen before it's too late!

Whew. That was close.



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