Thursday, May 07, 2009

Sometimes, You Just Know

Nobody Knows: My experience has been that you can divide people into two classes: People who have had a psychic experience, and people who have never had one. And if you’ve ever had one, like I have, (like millions have)…then you know how hard it is to explain it to someone who sees life as black and white, and everything can be explained, that you are not some kind of retard.

These people tend to be really shocked when something psychic finally happens to them.

For instance, just the other day, here in Missouri, a three-year-old boy named Joshua, walked out of his house, and went into the woods while his mom was on the phone and his dad was sleeping. Three days later, they found him, and I was sure they would. I had no doubt whatsoever, because I had done the exact same thing when I was three…

Oh, he’ll be alright. They need to think just WHO he was going to visit, or try to find.” I said to my husband.

When I was three, I took off out of my mom’s hand one summer day in St. Louis, and up the street I went. I had a purpose…to find my brother.

Like this young boy’s mother, my mother had also been talking on the phone. I went to look for my brother, who was at his first day of school, and darn it, I was getting pretty bored. And even though my older brother could be a real pain...entertaining myself was not something I had prepared for.

I wanted to go to school too, so I could ask him what he did that day. I was already preparing my questions. Out of the house, and down to the corner, and there I went.

But, I took a wrong turn and ended up walking miles down the side of a Superhighway. Man-- those cars looked real scary, the wind just about knocked me over when they speed by…but I had a purpose. I knew I was lost, but I was optimistic.

Some man stopped his car, made me get in, and through the wise act of kindly asking me a lot of questions, he got me back to the right house.

I had gone three miles. Joshua had gone three miles. Three miles seems to a good point for wandering three-year olds.

Someone make a note of that.

Now, you might say that my intuition that the boy was going to be alright was based on past experience; a far cry from having a psychic moment….but think of what could have went wrong.

The woods he wandered into were full of bears, cougars, snakes, and it was very cold. It was nasty out, and raining…hard. The boy could have easily become prey, or just never have been found, or drowned in a creek. While I was gone an afternoon, he was gone three days…and two nights.

While little Joyanna was wandering on a major highway- this little guy was in the middle of a national forest--- big difference.

And not too long ago, we had a guy here in St. Louis picking up kids and keeping them as prisoners just for his own sexual fun. We all know the sick people are out there, so my intuition made no sense. A logical person would have expected the worst, and my logic told me to go right there along with the odds.

But something else was making me extremely happy. Just a feeling---a wonderful feeling.
I just knew he was alright.

It was a good ending to a mostly gloomy news day in the USA of comrades, when he was found.

And oh, by the way…he was looking for his grandma’s house. (I told ya)

Grandma’s house was another half a mile away from where he was found.

Something tells me that grandma might move closer. And that’s not a psychic intuition…that’s common sense. You have to be able to tell the difference, and like everything else…it just takes practice.

But, sometimes, you can’t explain it. You just know.



Anonymous Rev. Lynn said...

Every day we all receive messages from spirit or "Psychic Messages." Most of the time people ignore them or chalk them up to coincidence later when the it actually happens.
Each of us progress at our own rate and we can't convince someone who is not ready to hear it that they are connecting with God and the spirit world. On the other hand, we shouldn't be afraid to relate our own experience or feel embarrassed about it. When we are able to be open about our own experience without being worried about what others think of us, then we have had some real spiritual growth. To allow yourself to be YOU is a most liberating place to be.

8:22 AM  

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