Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Nobody Suggests That Stimulus Package Contain Blow-Up Companions For Politicians

Nobody Wins: Today we wake up to find...(sigh) another “politician (Gov. Mark Sanford) found messing around with some hot young chick while the wife that devoted her life making him a success, gets the sham” scandal.

We are going to be hearing about this nonsense for days.

So, which party bombed this guy? Who made the phone call? The Democrats?

Obama’s “Don’t worry, be happy because I’ve invited all the Iranian ambassadors to all the tea parties we will be throwing all over the world,” foreign policy did not exactly go as planned. Something had to take up some news time to get the criticism of him off the front page.

Why not release this story at the proper time and get the most out of it? Its good timing.

God forbid anyone pay attention to Universal Health Care, Immigration “reform” or that draconian energy bill that will kill thousands of Americans because they won’t be able to afford to heat or cool their homes anymore.

But then, that might not matter because they will be starving due to the inflationary price of food.

I mean, why should we want to hear about North Korea threatening to annihilate us when we can sit around imagining our vicarious vacation in Argentina? Why should we care about Iranians getting killed on the street? A Republican is having SEX!

Obama is telling us that the Republic of Iran was just going to have to work itself out…God forbid any more women step out of a car and get shot. After all, that happens in Obama’s hometown of Chicago just about every summer night, and he is really sad about that fact.

It’s not right, this random shooting of people stepping out of cars.

And now that Governor Stanford has his steamy, sexy, “e-mails” blasted for the entire world to see in print--- you have to wonder…maybe it wasn’t the Democrats that got onto this story, maybe it was the Republicans. Best to get rid of all competition for the White House early, especially a good-looking threat from a Southern State.

I’m waiting for the nude photos of Sarah Palin to surface just about a year from now.

No, we expect this stuff. It’s almost become as entertaining as wondering if Brad is going to get back with Jennifer…or if Brad will come out of the closet anytime soon, or if Brad Pitt will be found getting drunk with some wino in New Orleans and crash his car into one of those new "green" houses that he loves so much.

But, what really is annoying this nobody is all this analyzing being done. I just wish they’d keep the psychiatrists out of it.

Sorry, most of them are full of it. I’m NOT a big fan of psychiatrists.

Neil Cavuto had a psychiatrist on his economic show today. What was depressing was that the psychiatrist was on a big pity men rant---men who are trying SOOOOOO hard to stay with their wives, my god it’s hard, marriage--that is.

After all, the passion goes away, and what’s a man to do?

It’s just too hard, he says. Men, as we all know, can’t help themselves.

Hey, neither can my dogs…they are neutered but that doesn’t stop them from trying to impregnate their stuff dolls. I often take pictures, it’s so funny. They get so caught up in the desire they often hit their heads on the floor.

That doesn't stop them from continuing, they just keep going, damaging puppy brain cells.

What also bothered me is that this doctor barely mentioned just how much this Governor had hurt his kids. Don’t you think that now and forever more they will remember that Dad left them alone on Father’s Day to go to Argentina to bury his head in the ….sand?

He was really there for them, wasn’t he?

Well the good news is: any governor that can be so distracted by a pair of mammary glands that he leaves his job and takes off for some sex and sun, when North Korea is threatening to kill us all, along with just about a billion jihadists…needs to quit the “public service” business.

Maybe that stimulus package should supply all politicians with their own blow-up dolls. After all, dolls work pretty well for my dogs.

Then maybe we could get back to real issues.

Nobody wins when sex scandals take our eyes off the balls..(good lord, did I really say that?)

No, I did NOT say that...



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