Friday, June 26, 2009

Nobody Muses Coincidences On a Hot Summer's Night

Nobody’s Fool: Tonight I waited, and waited…for any news on the outcome of the House’s vote on “energy.”

Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity had been especially vigilant all week in calling out the alarm to the people of the United States to stop the most greediest and malevolent bunch of thieving criminals in the annals of our history from grabbing too much power and money for themselves.

And then, Michael Jackson died.

How convenient for them.

You know, I don’t care. There is so many billions and trillions of dollars at stake here, I’m going to say it, and I don’t give a hoot what anyone else thinks:

Nothing in politics is a co-incident. Even FDR said that.

It’s hot out here in no man’s land, and we are not all fools.

Like many Americans, I called politicians. I sent e-mails. And I bet MORE than half of Americans contacted their “representatives” in hopes that they could stop it.

Who are we kidding? These people have so much power that they can literally do anything…will we never learn?

When Obama fired the head of General Motors, we should have known right there. They are all, as P.J. O’Rourke says, “Parliamentarian Whores,” and they represent only the rich.

Which in case you forget---includes them.

I remember the night that JFK Jr.’s plane went down. Right after the news broke, there were at least three witnesses that said they heard rockets shots---one even witnessed it.

You didn’t hear it anymore after that first hour. It would have been so easy to “arrange” an accident. After all…over 60 people who had worked for the Clintons’ had died by “accidents.” And Hillary wanted the New York Senate seat. JFK would have beaten her--- no contest.

I cried a lot that night. I believed with all my heart and soul that the moment was waited for, and the “accident” arranged. JFK was just a little too popular with the American people.

I thought that Princess Diana had an “accident” too. In the first minutes of reporting eye witnesses saw a car race off…and we waited for “hours” for anyone to come to the scene.


Many of the people of the world, deep down, believed she was killed, but, you could not accuse the rich and powerful, just couldn’t.

And so, Michael Jackson has a doctor who shoots him up, and it kills him--then the doctor disappears? Doesn’t even go to the hospital with him? Right on the very cusp of our Congress passing the biggest global warming tax in the history of the world?


Sorry. I don’t buy it.

Tonight, you couldn’t find the news on whether the bill had passed or not. Not anywhere. I had to go on Drudge to find out. Not even FOX. No--- the world was mourning a pop star---one that might even have been a child molester.

So, how will they manipulate the masses to accept Universal Health Care?

I’ll give you one good guess--old Ted Kennedy will die at JUST the right time.

Every politicians will be saying that we should pass it for his legacy…it was his “baby” He gave his whole life to the cause, and we owe it to him. They are planning the propaganda packages now.

They are SOOOOO good at this stuff. Makes you glad you’re a nobody…

So, what do I do when I’m disgusted, like tonight? I conned my husband into going to Diary Queen.

And this was sad.

As we pulled out of the driveway, we noticed that our neighbors across the street were moving in beds, furniture, clothes…which meant, that one of their sons (it’s a retired couple) had lost his job, and house, and needed to move home. They were doing it in the wee hours of the night to save face. They are decent and proud people.

That house is barely big enough for two. Now there will be nine. They are ashamed, I’m sure. Proud people don’t like pity.

And tonight my husband, in order to cut some more corners, suggested I stop feeding the birds outside.

Hey…I’ll go without a lot before that happens.

At bedtime, I was more than ready to let it all go...the emotions of the day.

I let the dogs out, and they started barking, and doing circles. I went out in the back yard to see what the dogs were barking at and heard a cute little “yelp!” And up in my closest tree, were three of the cutest little baby raccoons you ever saw, in their new home.

So…let the rest of the world mourn Michael Jackson…I now have three more mouths to feed…
I'm just glad they're not Michael Jackson's.



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