Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Tomb of the Century...

Nobody Knows: Will the temptation to make money off of Michael Jackson's body be too much to resist after he is gone?

Well...witness this conversation between two construction workers, who were working on MJ's resting place...reported by an unknown but I'm told...a very reliable source at the Never-Say-Never-Again-Land Ranch.--------

JIM: "I got bad news guys...this is much too small. Joe told me we have to start over. He said we have to make it bigger...he also wants an extra coffin set aside for Liz Taylor to lie next to him. He also wants us to wire up a dozen HD TV screens down here with a continuous feed playing his video's. Better call your brother."

Bob: "Well...gee, when they said they wanted a walk in coffin, I thought we did a pretty good job. Why does he need a HD screen when he is going to be dead?"

Jim: "Joe said they plan to stuff him like Lenin and charge people to see his body...and since they will be standing in line, they want at least to entertain the people when they finally get down's not like he can get up and moon walk, you moron."

Bob: "Well, at least we don't have to stuff we? Jim? "

JIm: "No, dimwit. But, smile when I tell you this...on the roof he wants a pyramid as big as the one in Las Vegas!"

Bob: "Anything else?"

Jim: "Yeah...go call your wife, and ask her if she'd like something to sell on e-bay for me--- we split the sale. If I'm going to build a &^$% pyramid for this guy, I'm certainly going to take myself some extra collateral just in case the check can't trust anyone these days. She can thank me later."

BOB: "What did you say?"

Jim: "I said you can thank me later."

Bob: "Oh...then I'll go get us some beer, we are going to need a LOT. I'll be right back."



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