Thursday, July 02, 2009

Nobody Flashes: Bubbles and Dirt

Nobody Flashes: I cleaned house all day. I was a regular Mexican maid. I told my son, I'd clean up his new house, I'd make it spotless.
I had NO idea that dirt could exist in places I found I know.
I used this new bubbling stuff that foams and bubbles and this is what I looked at when I stopped at my local drugstore, after all, I had been working non-stop all day, washing running boards, windows, mirrors, bathtubs...and icky closets.
As I came to cash out...I told the cash out lady I was tire. All my joints hurt. I told her I wished I felt 21 again.
And then she said yeah, I'm 72, and now thanks to Obama I have to work until I'm dead. Even the blacks are mad at him, she said. She looked more tired than me. Oh...she was white.
Leave me alone. Every single day, every black person on the earth has to talk about being black, it's so stupid. If they keep it up, they are going to actually make us all believe they really ARE stupid.
As I walked outside, I saw two brand new hummers being driven by blacks, and when I finally got home, I read that Obama didn't think affirmative action did much for either the blacks or whites.
Well, he hasn't been to my neighborhood.
Now, don't get me wrong. I have no qualms about a black person driving around a hummer, if they have worked hard for that car, then GOD bless em. BUT it does bother me to see a 72 year old woman having to go back to work because we have such a communist in the white house, who just won't stop stirring up the racial kettle, and wants to tax us all to death.
Obama loves to dish out all kinds of trouble: blacks against whites, rich against poor, and the redistribution, of wealth...instead of bringing the world up to our standards, the United States has to go down to theirs.
While I was cleaning, I was listening to the radio, and some lady in New York, who had come from CUBA was trying to rally the American people...
"We MUST not let them take our country! If they take the great country of the United States, where will we go? " she said.
I also heard Helen Thomas give Obama a much needed scolding today becuase it is the policy for his administration to review and approve every single question.
Now, let's just hope more democrats wake up. If Helen Thomas can come out from being a bubble head, there is hope.
Now, tomorrow I have to clean my own house, and I KNOW where all my dirt is.



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