Friday, July 10, 2009

Nobody Is Too Holy for the Pope

Nobody Knows: Let's sing!!!
"Imagine there's no Queens or's easy if you try"
"No Presidents or Popes to Rule Us...above us only sky."
"Imagine all the people, living without all their!" might say, I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one."
"I hope someday they're all disappear, and the world can go back to having fun!"
Insert Guitar solo in background while you're reading:
Nobody thought Michelle was doing her best imitation of a Muslim women in this picture until I googled the proper attire for visiting women to the Pope...and yes, it's black, with a black veil...just like a Muslim woman.
So, how can the Pope tell if the woman visiting him is Muslim or Catholic? Something tells me, the Pope could care less...and the fact that he is so wonderfully friendly with a man who is giving out billions of dollars of hard taxpayers money, in order for millions of abortions to be performed with Obama's blessing, shows to me just how hypocritical the Catholic religion really is. Gee...if you think I'm being too tough, ask yourself...what would Jesus do? Would Jesus hand him a book on ethics?
"Imagine there's no Pelosi, it isn't hard to do"
"No Barney, Reid, or Biden, and no Bill Clinton too.."
Imagine all the people, driving their big cars in""" may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one"
"I hope someday you'll get fed up...and get yourself a gun.."
Wait...I didn't meant that we should all go out shooting, I just thought "gun" would go best with "one" and, by the way, gun sales are way up! I'm just saying! You could be living in OHIO!
Piano solo here; Nobody reports that Prince Charles today announced that even though he had no plans to get rid of all the stuff in his seventeen Castles and various yachts and planes...the rest of us had to quit being capitalistic, and buying stuff, or we would destroy the planet in exactly 96 months.
I plan to do it in 95, once I clean out my basement.
So, as you see in this picture, I think we should just start putting our plastic cups girls, between our order to save it for the next time we need a drink. DO NOT THROW AWAY THOSE PAPER CUPS! REUSE THEM!
Yes, the People should wear the crowns...we should rule. We should be king.
"You may say I'm a dreamer...but I'm not the only one."
Someday soon they'll come and get me...and I will throw away cup."
You know what? Nobody is too holy for the Pope.



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