Monday, July 06, 2009

The Thrill of the Ghoul: Peter G. Peterson

Nobody’s Opinion: While the maggots of opportunistic harpies of entertainment and media complex race to Los Angeles to suck the final few billion out of Michael Jackson’s dead nose, here is a guy we should be paying close attention to instead. A man who is going to influence much more of our lives than any lost Michael Jackson songs.

Peter G. Peterson.

He looks like a nice old grandfather, doesn’t he? Imagine the creepiest ghoul out of the Thriller video, and you’ve come pretty close to the real man…at least that’s my opinion.

Now, I know that everyone scoffs at the, “there are a few men in the world running everything” scenario, but if you want to get into details and facts…just read his biography on Wikipedia. This guy was always in the right places: From the University of Chicago Business School, to Secretary of Commerce, to the Head of the Council of Foreign Relations, to the CEO of Lehman Brothers, to the CEO of Blackstone---he is, according to his own assessments (like the Bushes) one of the last Rockefeller Republicans standing. His wife is co-founder of Sesame Street.

You might want to watch that program to make sure Big Bird isn’t telling you’re children that if they eat that chocolate-chip cookie instead of giving it away, they are bad.

How one man could hold so many important jobs, in just one lifetime, should tell you something.

Peterson was on Charlie Rose last week, and after admitting that he had once been the Chairman of the Federal Reserve (something that is not mentioned on Wikipedia) he wanted to make sure to connect with the audience, so he started talking about what we all know…the government is too far in debt…by the trillions. Why, we are doomed to fail…all the great countries that got into too much debt…failed. England Spain…Rome…all collapsed due to huge deficits.

He’s concerned.

Okay, he started out good. But, if you want to know why Jesus said that it’s very hard for a rich man to get into heaven, you just had to keep listening.

Yes, according to the dear old guy, the middle classes are going to have to sacrifice every single thing…BIG TIME. And to show you just how benevolent he is, he has taken some of his billions and starting a foundation…a foundation dedicated to spreading the word about what us little people should shell out (in our lives and taxes) to save the United States. On top of that he wants us to admire him for it.

What a guy. He can now join Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who also (in order to protect their great wealth) put all their billions into tax protected foundations, for humanitarian projects. Of course, they have full control on how to spend that money…and when.

And if you believe that these men did this noble thing to save humanity instead of their own vast fortunes, then I have Michal Jackson’s other glove to sell you.

Really, the more I listened to this guy, the more I wanted to slap him. His condescending attitude toward all the innocent people who are losing jobs, educations, food, and struggling day to day was almost like hearing “Beat It” non-stop for 24 hours.

Peterson is all for Universal Health Care, but he realizes that they will have to put it in slowly. (Darn it.) When Charlie told him that it was rationing, he had the audacity to say that to be upset about rationing, was silly. “What isn’t rationed?” he said.

Gee, Mr. Peterson…was your water rationed yesterday? You poor man.

Somehow, I had a lot of trouble imagining this Mr. Peterson being told that he couldn’t have that heart transplant, because he was too old.

What’s bad is our government is full of these men, these unelected men of business and great power, who go back and forth from cushy government jobs, and sit on boards of huge multinational corporations, and have orchestrated this whole mess, in order to control and put the big money in a few hands.

Regular Russian Czars.

I’ll tell you what---Michael Jackson, no matter how insane, was a real doll compared to this thriller of a killer of a ghoul of a man.

I’d wish he take the nearest moon walk to Mars.

No wonder Sarah Palin wanted out.



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