Monday, July 20, 2009

Somebody Forgot to Report on a Monday...

Nobody Cares: Somebody didn’t report on a Monday, because… well…. I was sitting with my husband in the back yard Monday evening, and we looked at each other, both dead tired, and said…

“Let’s do it.”

We decided it was such a nice night; we’d go to one of the last drive-in movie theatres probably in existence in the country. We hadn’t been to a drive in movie for over fourteen years.

This was at 7pm, and the only drive-in we could find was over an hour away, in another state, in a small Illinois town---Belleville. We didn’t get home until 2.30 am…so therefore, by that time, since I AM a nobody, I thought “#$%” it, I’m too tired to write.

Besides, I couldn’t figure out one subject to pick from…so tonight, (since it took me the whole day to recover) are my lists of random thoughts from MONDAY…which will, get lost in time after I put them down here…just like the Drive-In’s of America.

And after you will read them, I’m sure you will agree…nobody did the right thing.

NOTE: Obama ran on the platform that he thought the Iraq war was all wrong, and that when elected, he was going to “bring the troops home.” So, he gets elected, takes the men from Iraq, and just ships them to Afghanistan, and now wants 20,000 more troops because, as Gates has noted, too many men are committing suicide. And yet…Chris Matthews continues to change pants.

NOTE: There is a kid (about ten) up the street that I am particularly fond of, named Alex. The other day, while I was walking my dog, he came up to me and blurted, “I have no friends to play with.” Then he walked away. This kid lives with his grandparents because his parents don’t want him. And the grandparents just lost a son last year, who was shot in a bad drug deal. Today he came down to the house, on his skateboard while I was watering my flowers and said, “Someone stole my bike.” He was so sad, all I could do was hug him…and yet, I see that he is slowly losing his natural proclivity to have fun, he is much too lonely, and I can only sprinkle on this heart.

NOTE: We saw Harry Potter's new movie at the drive-in…and found out that NOW those funny speakers are gone. Now you tune your car into a radio station. After the first movie, a kid came up to us as we were sitting outside in lawn chairs and asked,” Have you got any jumper cables?”


Harry Potter was…depressing. Hogwarts it seems, no longer has funny ghosts and tables full of food, but is suffering like the rest of us…sometimes art should NOT imitate reality. Harry Potter is in the recession too.

NOTE: We just had 100 dogs captured from a dog fighting operation here in Missouri. Mostly pit bulls. They are looking for homes for these poor mutts. And yet, the NAACP does nothing. Where’s PETA? Where’s Angelina Jolie? Why don’t they make these people fight each other till the death and see how they like it?

NOTE: Hillary was all excited about India purchasing nuclear stuff from America. Gee, nuclear power is good for India, but not for us. Something tells me, by the looks on her face, that this job is just killing her, she hates it.

Of course, her sour faces makes Sarah Palin’s recent actions seem all the more honest.

NOTE: It’s here. We now have our first Muslim shop in my neighborhood. It’s is just so weird seeing ARABIC neon signs right next to a Pizza place. I have no idea what the sign says, but they have shoes, and as far as I know…bin Laden runs it.

NOTE: Someone was trying to vote in Congress today on giving all hate crimes the death penalty…huh? Boy, that’s a new one. That’s a pit bull law if ever there was one…maybe I dreamed it.

NOTE: By all accounts, the Republicans are going to run the ultra rich billionaire Mitt Romney against Obama in the next election. Oh, right…the man who showed Obama how to pass mandatory health care. I guess he’s the ace-in-the hole, just in case Obama can’t get it passed.

NOTE: SWING VOTE, the movie---summed up: America is filled with drunk men and drug addicted women who cannot possibly raise their kids (thereby only our brilliant teachers can) and it’s the American people’s fault that our country is messed up, and they should apologize to their wonderful public servants (all politicians) who really don’t have enough time in the White House to do anything worthwhile,(thereby longer terms needed) and by the way...every single vote counts.

That’s the movie, and the message s---cked. Kevin Costner should go on tour with Willie Nelson and spend the rest of his days saving his rich friend’s farms.

And lastly…what did I learn on Monday?

People still write “nasty” stuff in the stalls at the drive-in on bathroom walls…the popcorn is awful, going to the concession stand makes you feel like you might walk out with maggots…

But watching kids swing in the twilight on the playground, and hearing them laugh, knowing that little girls can run around in slippers and pajamas without being afraid of child molesters, looking up at the stars, on a summer night, and hearing a real train blow it’s whistle so loud in the distance with such power…and that you can STILL get thrilled by that sound….and that it makes you feel so amazingly alive the Harry Potter train on the screen becomes insignificant in the grand scheme of life …

What did I learn? That I'm still alive...and that's always worth noting.



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