Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Nobody’s Wins: Today, we witnessed our great Congressmen grilling the Obama appointed, soon to be the first Latino woman to actually obey a black man’s wishes, at the Supreme Court Hearings.

And the questioning was intense. Nobody reports here on the answer that the ever-so-loquacious Sonia Sotomayer gave on the very important issue of “sheep’s” rights to water.

Congressmen: “Do you believe that animals have a right to drink out of our public water systems, and run free in our streets, and should be allowed access to free medical care, free abortions, and the right to protect themselves by biting or killing anyone that threatens them? I’d like to know you’re opinion.”

Sonia: “Well, I always look at the facts before me. If you were a sheep, and I wanted to shoot you for drinking out of my water fountain, and if I shot you for actually taking advantage of not even asking me permission, thereby making me mad, then you would be put in jail…in New York. BUT…if you were in France, then I suggest you try lotion--- it all depends on the facts and as a judge we always take whatever facts that are there on the paper put in front of us into consideration in our judgments.”

Congressmen: “Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

Honesty…is such a lonely word.
Everyone is so untrue.
Honesty is hardly ever heard
But mostly what I want from you.---- Billy Joel.

Here’s the truth as we know it. People now are being picked when applying for a job, for their gender, political proclivities, and race. No longer are people being picked for being the best person for the job. In fact, this is being mandated by laws and lawyers who have been working hard to re engineer the whole fabric of our society and where they want everyone to be placed, and like sheep, we go along quietly.

This is nothing new. As all white people are finding out, especially many middle-class white men, this is social engineering by the elites, for the elites, and to the determent of our country, and many of the people doing this insidious act are elite white men.

It’s a new global agenda, and they are pulling up the ladders; and if you dare protest, you’ll be quickly demoted, and attacked. We see this with Sarah Palin. We see this with the firefighters, and Joe the Plumber..we see this everywhere.

Obama wants us to cut the “chatter.” His redistribution plan needs to be carried forward. Health care, property rights, privacy rights, water rights, parental rights, and your right to live and die will be at the state’s discretion.

I find nothing funny about this. I’m trying. But every time I see this Sotomayor lady lying out her Latino teeth, knowing full well that once she gets on the Supreme Court, it will no longer matter what common sense the other members of the court say, she will rule the world. Like all her buddies, she knows how to doublespeak and never answer the question directly. To obfuscate every verbal sentence so as to placate the public masses; that’s their talent. That’s what they are being paid to do.

Not by us, of course, but Ted Kennedy didn’t feed all those mouths on his senatorial salary alone, now did he?

The American people are complaining as loudly as they can…but no matter. Even x-President George W. Bush would approve of Sotomayor, for he paved the way… putting many “firsts” into jobs they might not have been ready for.

This lady will rule like a Marxist. She can say she loves guns, the Constitution, blacks, Nancy Drew, and America all she wants. ….she lies, as does Obama. And Islam will be promoted under this lady, in the name of freedom. We will become a land of bumbling Burka sheep, drinking Pepsi.

Honesty—is truly a lonely word...

The new rule is: lie. And be very good at it.

I expect to be keeping a whole flock of sheep in my back yard very soon, I'll give them water but they're going to have to get their own soda.



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