Friday, July 17, 2009

Do NOT Resuscitate

Nobody’s Fool: Prince Obama came galloping out today…the dark lord of fear, warning us of the dire consequences we would all face if we don’t pass his Universal Health care program. Why---our children would be dying in the streets if this wasn’t taken care of, and quickly.

With Lord Voldemort appearing on the scene again, his timing is perfect.

Not too long ago, President Bush used this very same fear tactic…telling us all that if he didn’t give billions of U.S. tax dollars to the banks, the world would end as we know it.

There is no difference between the criminality of either man.

We don’t need Al Gore to scare us anymore.

We should have seen this coming when no one came to the rescue of Terry Schiavo…the silent message from every single Congressional and public servant was: she should die. Better yet: let’s all watch her starve, painfully--- what fun!

What kind of a nation does that? It was a shadow of things to come.

The latest medicine, technology, and help is now available to keep you alive for twenty or more years…but you won’t get those extra years. Nope. Anyone nearing the age of sixty should be aware that they have just been handed a death sentence.

Your years on this earth are now numbered. To suggest that we deny ourselves medicine or “expensive” procedures after a certain age is to suggest mass extermination for the old.

Yes, Obama, is right up there with Hitler, Stalin, Lenin, and Mao. Like the mass murderers before him, he will never partake in the dirty work. His “get out of jail free” card is that, these people would die…anyway.

How in the $%# else can you take this?

We are on the brink of mass killings. Not only of the unborn, but the sick, the lame, the old…the people who are too old to work or “volunteer.” The state will decide who deserves to live.

Other nations have put up with this crap. Other nations have no spine.

We are not other nations!

This act of state controlled population control is just as insidious as Hitler’s death camps, and you are a fool to think otherwise. Sure, Hitler just killed people he didn’t like, but he decided who he didn’t like, and who he wanted killed. Obama is doing the exact same thing…he is just not using gas…but “rationed” care.

And like the Nazis, who took all the Jews possessions before they were gassed, Obama will somehow get whatever you have left in this world, with taxes.

And while the rich in our government will ration our food, our water, and our very lives…they will continue to live lives of billionaires.

This has nothing to do with class envy, but our own GOD given right to survive.

We were told that Hillary’s heath care plan, held in secret meetings, was rejected…but was it? Not long after that came the great HMOs and it’s been downhill ever since. The socialized medical systems were slowly put into place. While illegals are being operated on from gunshot wounds…there are emergencies rooms full of citizens who will die, while waiting his or her turn.

The upstanding citizen who could be saved…will not be spared because of his or her “worthlessness” basically to society. In order to give medicine to “all” it is said, the old must get off the planet.

That’s exactly what Obama is saying. We will put our old in hospices…well; why not just send them off to Hawaii? It would be more humane.

I watched in utter amazement and anger while both my parents were treated like vermin because they refused to die after their strokes. (This was many years ago) My mother had to have a stomach tube to live. And the callousness I experience for “wanting” to keep my parents alive, demanding just the basic proper care for them was, by their standards, truly an act of insanity on my part. You see, according to the medical community, to watch someone “suffer” is…cruel.

Never mind if that person is willing to suffer just to live a few more years, think of the cost! I ask you…what good are all our new medicines, heart transplants, surgeries, if you are not allowed it after a certain age? And who decides that “age”?

How did our leaders get so screwed up?

In John Adams’s Discourses on Davila… he gives us a clue.

From sophistry and party spirit, the transition is quick and easy to falsehood, imposture, and every species of artificial evolution and criminal intrigue. As unbalanced parties of every description can never tolerate a free inquiry of any kind, when employed against themselves, the license, and even the most temperate freedom of the press, soon excites resentment and revents.

For aristocratically rivalries and democracy rivalries too, when unbalanced against each other by some third mediating power, naturally and unfailingly produce a feudal system.”

Feudal, lords and peasants, masters and slaves.

Some man suggested today, that whatever health care system they pass, our Congress and the President should be made to be on the same system. Their parents should die, and they should also be denied care.

Would Bill Clinton still be with us if he had been on Universal Health Care? How about Daddy Bush? How about any of them?

If these murderers want to do anything: then let them redeem themselves by saying that they regret they have only one life to give to their country, and do the right thing for America…refuse medical care, and join Terry Sshiavo.

Go ahead and starve to death. We will watch…on CNN. The ratings would be phenomenal.

If they can’t seem to fathom that we, as Americans will NOT go quietly into that good night….then god help them all, because the American people, might not want to resuscitate them.

In fact, this law should be passed in order to save future Americans...and quickly!



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