Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Jackson Browne and Newt Gingrich...Agreeing?

Nobody's Opinion: What do Jackson Browne and Newt Gingrich have in common?
They both think a lot about "war" and the lives in the balance...the millions killed, the millions soon to be killed, or whatever.They are just on two different sides when it comes to who to blame.
Evidently, Jackson Browne won his legal case against John McCain today, who was using his song, "Running on Empty" without his permission during the last Presidential campaign.
I do think, despite the fact that I think Jackson Browne is very much an idiot when it comes to political issues because he voted for Obama, (which shows you how much deeeeeep thought he has put into reading and thinking about the world)-- I do think that he has a point.
McCain should have known better, and probably did. But McCain is used to power, so therefore he probably thought...who cares? He's just a musician.
You see, I happen to think most of these older musicians, like Jackson Browne, got hooked on smoking grass in the sixties, and well, it's keep them in a brain damaged, smokey, time warp. They remember all the wasted lives in Vietnam, and therefore, every war is Vietnam, and America is always the villain. Jackson Browne is a well known liberal and voted for Obama.
And nobody (me) points out just hypocritical he is because all the free use downloads of his songs over the years with the Internet, and he only complains about it NOW? Well, that's because he was being associated with a man who was actually, a war hero. Not something Jackson Browne, the old hippie, wants on his liberal, I am against war of all kinds, record.
(Yes, go ahead and blow your bong...take a deeeep whiff---continue.)
He also does another song called "Lives in the Balance" which I happen to love. (video) And if you just listen to the WORDS without thinking of any "party" you might come to the conclusion that he actually makes a lot of common sense.
Nevertheless...the pictures in the video make the Bush administration look like all they want to do is kill babies and make money on the war in Iraq. It's pretty sickening. As usual, it has maimed babies, and the redundant propaganda of the liberal political message...in this case, Jackson Browne's.
So, has Jackson Browne done a video about how Obama is maiming babies in Afghanistan?
It's funny how these people NEVER realized, probably because they were all too stoned, that most of the Vietnam war was started and kept going by, yes, liberal democrats! Why...who knew? Noooooooo...it was Nixon, they say. That's their story and they're sticking to it.
(Now, take a deep toke...good...continue.)
Newt came out today and suggested that we would be attacked, because we have a liberal in the White House, and they really don't care about defense. Sometimes it seems to be the ONLY difference between the two parties.
Now, I don't know where Jackson Brown lives, but if any city in the United States gets nuked, who exactly is he going to blame? Obama? Rumsfield? Bush?
We could just as well blame Jackson Browne. Why not?
It's the President's job, to defend, and protect the United States. And even if Bush was the puppet, jumping to the masters of big business as it seems that what our public servants of both parties have been doing..I for one, loved it when he landed on that carrier in his pilot suit.
I thought he looked dashing.
I want a George Washington, in front of the troops...don't you? You should. I hate to tell all the wiffy liberal boys, but the men in those evil counties judge you on your manhood, not whether you speak a good game. It the big guns they respect.
Jackson Brown....tell me, why do you think they all want those big guns? And don't say it's only "fair" because we have them...please. Is it "fair" that America is bigger than Iran? Is it "fair" that you are getting old and haven't had a hit in quite a while?
(Now, blow out a nice ring, and go with these thoughts, and go get yourself a brownie.)
If you are too stoned to know the very dangers of the East against the West, Communism against freedom...then you probably can download and play Jackson's songs all you want.
He won't mind.
Frankly, I wish Jackson would get out of the past, put down that joint, and listen to his own words with more of an open mind...and pray that they don't nuke L.A. because it won't matter who sings his songs after that.
It's a crazy world. And I think that Newt and Browne are really on the same page. They just don't know it yet.
Let's hope they figure it out before it's too late.



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