Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nobody's Fool: Obama: "Can't Touch This!"

Nobody’s Fool: “You Can’t Touch Me.”

This morning, it hit me…the “offense.”

Three white liberal pundits on CNN were discussing the outrageousness of so many people wanting to see Obama’s birth certificate. Why these people were nothing but racists…it really didn’t matter…even if Obama was NOT born an American…it was a trivial matter. What was terrible was NOT that Obama had broken the law, committing perjury, but that there were people even wanting proof that he was actually a citizen.

These people were dirt-bag KKK’s.

Now, knowing that nothing happens by coincidence, I kept digging around. I found out that now Rush Limbaugh has taken up the call for proof. WorldNetDaily has been on this for quite some time…and Obama has forbidden anyone looking at any of his records.

So…if you were in Obama’s war room, what would YOU do? Exactly what he and the people that he has associated himself with for years…you use guilt, you use extortion, and you pull the race card.

And flop that old guilt card right on top. After all, the concept of “guilt” has kept many a people under thumb, no matter if it is administered by a Pastor or a Jesse Jackson.

Right now, I am watching the CNN special about Black in America 2…and I have to admit, this program is all part of the “blacks have sufferer, and will continue to suffer.”

Give us more money.

The program shows a Muslim black woman giving a seminar on the need for black marriages. Right after that, we see a black doctor (who has at least a whole lot of white ancestors due to her white skin) talk about how breast cancer is the biggest killer of black women. And guess what? Blacks only trust black doctors…they need more of them. They want more black teachers. They want all black everything. Diversity comes in only one color to

That’s in the Health Bill…

And the commercials get into the effort. Black kids say they will invent vaccines! Just give us free educations! As Glenn Beck pointed out, the heath care bills have tons of goodies for more free everything for black people. He has rightly put the arrow in the mark when it comes to “reparations.”

Now, white men will not go into medicine…their chances of getting in “free” like the blacks will seem too unfair, they won’t even try.

Vernon Jordon came out last week, moaning about the blacks being treated, but the clincher of the “black extortion” came this week---with Obama.

Obama last week, said that the arguments against Universal Health care were about him. And at the time, I didn’t think anything of it. But…he is setting up his defense. Make no mistake; this WILL be his defense for his RIGHT to stay President. If people reject his programs, it’s because he is black.

That’s a fact…he will say. Which is absurd, but there it is…the offense. Obama has to be worried about this “birth certificate” so, he is getting ready…Even if it is proven in a court of law, if you demand that he step down, and then you do it because you are racist.

And if you refuse his Health Care System, It’s because you are racist.

After all, this race card worked for Jesse Jackson all these years. Both his sons got really nice multi-million dollar Budweiser dealerships.

But…now, when the screams against health care are coming in, Obama gives a speech, and then at the end, he had the perfect racist bullet. (What timing!) One of his Harvard friends was arrested IN HIS OWN HOME by a racist cop! A stupid one at that. And oh, how black people are being held down.

One might think, this is common for Obama, and I would have thought so too…just a coincidence…but what are the chances that a Harvard Professor gets locked out of his house, and throws such a big tantrum that they have to arrest him, and THEN his good friend Obama goes off a National message to use him as an example for how white people really hate black people?

Now…in the war rooms of power, if you can accuse Bill Clinton of being a racist, get yourself elected President, getting a friend to help promote the “cause:” the cause of Muslim and blacks coming into power…is pretty easy.

Set-up? Gee…if Joe Kennedy can get the mobs in Chicago to give his boy the Presidency, a Harvard temper tantrum seems pretty small potatoes.

Here in St. Louis, I heard on the news tonight that our bankrupt city, is going to be opening 14 brand new year round, experimental black schools. For the last five years, all the black kids’ schools closed down in the city (16) and our district took them all in.

Of course, the working class white people who have lived in these suburbs, and who have lost their jobs, got hit really hard. Their property taxes paid for all the new schools to be built to accommodate them.

St. Louis is to be the “new” experimental city…we hear soon that sounds of solar panels being put up on all the poor blacks houses in the city.

The CNN program is ending now. (I'm watching this while I type this.) Chris, an ex-con, is having a hard time finding a job. He has one kid, and a kid on the way. (not married) He quit his job because he was getting tired, has to budget, and yet, nothing is mentioned that whites are having the same problems. Chris has no health insurance.

Poor Chris…he goes out in his Hummer, and robs a house--gets catch. His girlfriend has a baby on the way. She is sad…

His parole officer, who is black, says that the “odds are stacked against him."

Well, with a President like Obama, I think now, the odds are stacked against us all.

(PS…next week…on CNN...Hispanics in America!)



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