Sunday, August 02, 2009

Houston: We've Got Communists

Nobody’s Opinion:

It’s 1999. You live in Cuba. You have Castro’s health care, which is completely operated by the government, and it’s free.

Your doctor’s office is spare; the office has lamps missing light bulbs, and has very little medicine. Cuba does have some great medical universities and hospitals, but they are mostly visited by rich tourist (like Michael Moore), and Castro and his advisors. The population doesn’t get near them.

Shortages are everywhere at the local hospitals, and sometimes, they can only perform emergency operations because of it. You are so thankful that your relatives in Miami send you money and much needed medicine, you don’t know what you would have done if not for your brother in the United States.

Your doctor gets an apartment from the state, but he doesn’t make enough, so he helps his wife make ceramic earrings at night…to sell to the tourists.

Everyone has a food ration book. Every one gets bread once a day and chicken maybe four times a year. Most live on vegetables, and a state sausage.

Every community has a Block Committee for the Defense of the Revolution. (An Acorn so to speak) They have to see to their “socialist” tasks: recycling, night patrol of the street, health campaigns, and vaccinations for all the children. Everyone is watched. And everyone has to look for “anti-socials”

What are “anti-socials”? Those who don’t work, or study, who hustle or rob, who do nothing for anyone, not even themselves. You must work. If you don’t register your house, or obey the rules on everything, you are fined. (Sound familiar?)

(What did Michelle Obama promise us? Everyone will work?)

But there is another Cuba, the one of tourists, and cruise ships, and hotels, and this has created a very rich class. The regular Cubans are not allowed to mingle. Most of the tourists are from Europe, Canada, and Latin America.

In Cuba, like most third world communist countries, there are the very rich and the very poor…no middle class.

The schools always taught Engels, Lenin, Che Guevara---but Castro teachings are the mostly repeated, every day.

There are not many cars, mostly buses. At the beginning, the revolution seized church property, banned Christmas. (Sound familiar?)

And Castro, when he talks, sites his achievements in government statistics…about all he has done for the Cuban people. He brags about the many vaccines given. Castro is a great speaker, and can go on and on rattling statistics of the greatness that the state has achieved-- his voice on loudspeakers and TV stations throughout the land, every single day. (Wait…who else does this?)

Today, in 2009, Raul Castro said that Cuba will NEVER give up communism, and he won’t have to, will he? If Obama stays in office--- and if his Marxists tendencies continue…the two countries will finally merge.

Didn’t President Bill Clinton jump to Castro’s call when he wanted little Elian? Of course he did. Any citizen in the United States would have told Castro “no way, Jose” ---his mother died trying to bring Elian to America. But we watched Elian taking by midnight military raid…in the middle of the night…much like old Cuba.

And our media spun it so well; we thought it was all about “father’s” rights.

And we said…nothing. Do you not see how controlled we have been? We have masters of media manipulation. Masters...

I got this 1999 Cuban scenario from the article “Evolution in the Revolution. Cuba” by John J. Putman, in the June, 1999 issue of National Geographic. Find it and give it a read.

And frankly, if you read these very straight forward observations of Cuba, you will understand just how the communists have been slowly taking over our country.

My first big warning bell came when our high school children, during the Clinton years, were made to do “mandatory” community service or they wouldn’t graduate from high school. Kids that were so far behind every single nation in the world…made to do hours of mandatory community service….answering telephones, picking up trash.

Then came the “mandatory” hour of recycling classes.

This is communism, nothing else…and Obama is big on it.

In Hillary’s book, “It Takes a Village” (A communist title if there ever was one.) the philosophy was for the state to get the mothers into the work force, and the children just as young as possible, into state nanny care schools. …which were set up without fanfare by President George W. Bush---he continued Hillary’s very communistic plan.

You see, children’s brains are still forming up until four-years old. If you can get them that young, you can brainwash them to obey the state for life.

Obama targets the young. There is a reason for that play set in the White House. Come on…his girls are much too big for the swing set, it’s a prop.

He wants to get rid of the old, that’s why he keeps gently telling us the old should be good and just die off. Once the last of the boomers are gone, the nation can be changed forever…not to mention how it will help the bottom line.

So, why do our Republicans leaders go for programs much like Castro’s?

Most of them are just puppets of the corporate rich, who love to deal with communism. That’s why they love China. It’s much easier--- they all say it.
Now the ‘social engineering’ is for people to be “molded” and “trained” to work for nothing. They don’t even want to pay the people---why people should “volunteer” to serve the world.
It's every companies dream. It's the only way we can compete with China.

No wonder they want to get rid of “1984.” Slavery is coming back in style and being sold to our young with a big Apple, and Blueberry Smile!

You know, many feel that we can stop this; we’ve had “progressives” before and came back.

But Obama believes in communism, and he is using the anger of “blacks” to implement his plans. With the megalomania that he is displaying, I don’t believe he will leave the Presidency. Like Putin, Like Chavez, like Castro, he will want to be there for life.

I believe (it’s best to expect the worst then be happy when it doesn’t happen) that Obama will “allow” a catastrophe on American soil before he lets that happen. FDR did not want to leave. Neither did Clinton, or Bush, but Obama is an angry man…as is his wife.

He will not go quietly.

If the time comes, and Obama does not want to leave….it up to the people to make him, we must stick to our constitution.

If we, as a people, ever needed to unit as one people, it’s now. The plan has always been to divide and conquer. Let’s not let them do it.
If Honduras can do it, then so… can… we.



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