Friday, July 31, 2009

What Happens When You Don't Write the Bigger Check..

Nobody's Perfect:

Obama and Congress, (that lovable bunch of Obamanads), found out a little late that they did NOT put enough money into the CASH FOR CLUNKERS bill...oh my GOD.....


So, until they can get another trillion printed up and out to the dealers, many of the dealers are offering the next best thing...while they wait for their "stimulus to green cars" money. Why should THEY have to give away good cars and be left with the bill? After all, they were promised the money by Congress. (and Obama)

Obama's reason for such a big mistake? After all, he has been an expert so far at giving out trillions...

He was just a little too busy at the beer feast to get this taken care of, but today, he did appear, once again, on our televisions, to tell us all, that he is very proud of the "program" so far.

As Chris Mathews would say, "Let's give the guy a chance, it's only been six months."

In the meantime, a stiumlus bill is being considered in the house to employ more street cleaners.



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