Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nobody Flashes Email: Reagan VS Obama

Nobody Flashes Saturday Night Email:

Since yesterday's dancing Laurel and Hardy Video did not show up on my Townhall blog (but I do have a date to dance with amfortas!) and since am in a REALLY particularly angry happens to us all.. .

Mr. President. Mr Reagan. If only you were here....


Friday, October 22, 2010

Nobody Flashes Happy Homework

Nobody Flashes: It's a full moon, and I just wanted to send out a fun video for everyone to enjoy! I also expect each and every one who sees this video to memorize the dance steps for the next time I see them...we will dance. Better learn both parts just in case.

It's the dance we'll be doing when the democrats are gone!


Thursday, October 21, 2010

New World Order for Nobodys

Nobody Knows that somewhere under the Denver airport, a vast underground is just waiting to be filled with lots of people should some disaster strike, and this is a picture of a mural, in a series of murals that were on exhibit in the tunnels going to the airport during the time it was being built...right before Bill Clinton won his first election. (They are no longer there...but you CAN get the book!)
As you can see, a Scottish man is leading the children of the world off to utopia. These murals were called, "New World Order."
I guess these paintings were made to soothe the nerves of the handpicked elites and their children while they someday stand waiting in line to go into the bunkers.
Like in the movie can bet they've all paid big prices for the privilege of going down underneath the various bunkers that have been built all through the US for the speical people, who have power and money.
This New World Order is usually called a silly conspiracy. But, THIS nobody thinks that when so many of our world leaders keep throwing out the phrase, maybe we should start taking them at their world.
The word that says that they ALL want a New World Order...dictatorship. Not too long ago, Gordon Brown couldn't stop promoting it. And today, Chavez and Ahmadinejad called for a "New World Order."
Hop on board boys! Plenty of room in the New World Order Fan Club!
Glenn Beck?You're on! Here's some quotes....

"Just how many leaders of the world have countless people ... will hate the new world order ... and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quit gallant and graceful-looking people."
H. G. Wells, in his book entitled "The New World Order" (1939) alled for a "New World Order."
Adolf Hitler
-National Socialism will use its own revolution for establishing a new world order."
Adolf Hitler during World War II
Arthur Greenwood
In the first public declaration on the Jewish question since the outbreak of the war, Arthur Greenwood, member without portfolio in the British War Cabinet, assured the Jews of the United States that when victory was achieved an effort would be made to found a new world order based on the ideals of 'justice and peace.'"
-- excerpt from article entitled "New World Order Pledged to Jews," in the New York Times (October 1940)
Zionist, Albert Einstein:
"IN ORDER to achieve the final aim - which is one world, and not two hostile worlds - such a partial world Government must never act as an alliance against the rest of the world. The only real step toward world government is world Government itself."
Open Letter to the General Assembly of the United Nations, 1947

James Paul Warburg:
We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether
World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."
Statement made before the United States Senate on Feb. 7, 1950 by James Paul Warburg
Bertrand Russell
A scientific world society cannot be stable unless there is a world government.
Chester Ward, Rear Admiral
"The main purpose of the Council on Foreign Relations is promoting the disarmament of US. sovereignty and national independence and submergence into an all powerful, one world government". Chester Ward, Rear Admiral and former Navy Judge Advocate 1956 - 1960 and CFR member for 15 years
Gov. Nelson Rockefeller:
"The United Nations, he told an audience at Harvard University, 'has not been able--nor can it be able--to shape a new world order which events so compellingly demand.' ... The new world order that will answer economic, military, and political problems, he said, 'urgently requires, I believe, that the United States take the leadership among all free peoples to make the underlying concepts and aspirations of national sovereignty truly meaningful through the federal approach.'"

Pope Paul VI

1967 - March 26: Pope Paul VI writes Populorum Progressio and states: "Who can fail to see the need and importance of thus gradually coming to the establishment of a world authority capable of taking effective action on the juridical and political planes? Delegates to international organizations, public officials, gentlemen of the press, teachers and educators--all of you must realize that you have your part to play in the construction of a new world order.
Robert Kennedy
"All of us will ultimately be judged on the effort we have contributed to building a NEW WORLD ORDER."
Robert Kennedy, former U.S. Attorney-General, 1967.
Richard Nixon

"The developing coherence of Asian regional thinking is reflected in a disposition to consider problems and loyalties in regional terms, and to evolve regional approaches to development needs and to the evolution of a new world order."
Richard Nixon, in Foreign Affairs (October 1967)
Zbigniew Brzezinski
This regionalization is in keeping with the Tri-Lateral Plan which calls for a gradual convergence of East and West, ultimately leading toward the goal of "one world government'....National sovereignty is no longer a viable concept..."
Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Advisor to President Jimmy Carter.
David Rockefeller
We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order."

Henry Kissinger
So we say to all peoples and governments: Let us fashion together a new world order."
(Henry Kissinger, in address before the General Assembly of the United Nations, October 1975)
Fidel Castro:
1979 - Fidel Castro, Associated Press Oct 12 1979 at the United Nations. "Fidel Castro finger waving in the air and angry fist thumping the lectern, demanded a "new world order" and dressed down the United States today for "aggressive" and "exploitative" policies around the world."

Mikhail Gorbachev
"Further global progress is now possible only through a quest for universal consensus in the movement towards a new world order."
Mikhail Gorbachev, in an address at the United Nations (December 1988)
Richard Gephardt:
"We can see beyond the present shadows of war in the Middle East to a new world order where the strong work together to deter and stop aggression. This was precisely Franklin Roosevelt's and Winston Churchill's vision for peace for the post-war period."
Richard Gephardt, in the Wall Street Journal (September 1990)
President George Bush
"If we do not follow the dictates of our inner moral compass and stand up for human life, then his lawlessness will threaten the peace and democracy of the emerging new world order we now see, this long dreamed-of vision we've all worked toward for so long."
President George Bush (January 1991)
Gen. Colin Powell:

1993 - September 9: Concerning whether U.S. troops should remain in Somalia as part of a U.N. operation, General Colin Powell, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, says that a pullout would be "devastating to our hopes for the new world order and our ability to participate in multinational organizations to deal with problems like this."

Nelson Mandela:
The "new world order that is in the making must focus on the creation of a world of democracy, peace and prosperity for all."
Nelson Mandela, in the Philadelphia Inquirer (October 1994)
Henry Kissinger...again.
"NAFTA is a major stepping stone to the New World Order." The New World Order cannot happen without U.S. participation, as we are the most significant single component. Yes, there will be a New World Order, and it will force the United States to change it's perceptions."
World Affairs Council Press Conference, Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel , April 19th 1994 He was campaigning for the passage of NAFTA

George Soros:
1995 - Jan 27: Billionaire financier George Soros at the World Economic Forum at Davos, Switzerland, says the world needs a "new world order," and he further warns: "I am here to alert you that we are entering a period of world disorder."

Walter Cronkite:
1996 - A Reporter's Life by Walter Cronkite is published, in which he proclaims: " if we are to avoid catastrophe, a system of world order--preferably a system of world government --is mandatory. The proud nations someday will ....yield up their precious sovereignty."
Gary Hart
2001 - "There is a chance for the President of the United States to use this (9-11) disaster to carry out ... a new world order."
Gary Hart, at a televised meeting organized by the CFR in Washington, D.C. S
Now...can you say---New World Order? ONE MORE TIME!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Eagle Fashion Talk

Nobody Flashes: Eagle Talk...
Joe Eagle: Hey, have you SEEN any of those Muslim Hawks around here lately? I couldn't believe it---here in America, they are moving in all over the place. And... have you seen what those Muslim Hawks are being made to wear? I mean, they can't even see where they're flying! What's worse, is they get into this country and they don't want to take those ridiculous head hats off! I don't like it. Birds are not meant to wear hats ain't natural. I'm just saying.
If someone tried to put one of them things on me...I'd rather be sent to a zoo than have to wear one of those contraptions. Them birds are treated like frog turds. They don't even KNOW that they are slaves do they? How humiliating. And another thing, they hate it here. Why don't they just fly away? Bunch of morons.
Bob Eagle: Will their masters won't let them take them off. It's a status symbol you know. Some of those head bird hats go for around $52,000. I saw one of those Muslims hawks just the other day--- wouldn't even talk to me. Thinks he is more special than me because he has that big fancy bird hat on his head. One big Muslim King even put rubies and emeralds, on his poor bird. His monkey hat cost around $2 million. Of course, he can't fly with the thing on. They do it on purpose you know..put those heavy helmets they won't fly away. They keep them as pets. neck hurts just thinking of having to keep my neck up with that crap on. I don't know about you, but I don't think any of them Muslims are playing with a full peck.
Joe Eagle: Hey...Tony ..get that guy to throw some fish over hear...will ya? My feet are getting cold.
Tony Eagle: Yeah...HEY YOU!...(guy throws him a big fish) Thanks.
Joe Eagle: And another thing--- I hate begging like this. I never thought in my lifetime things would get so bad. The river was so cold last year, you couldn't even get to the water...I mean, how are we suppose to keep healthy? All they keep talking about is global warming. Well,'s not warm here. Even the fish are frozen. I'm ready for some really good'm really tired of all that terrible bread people keep throwing us, I'm starting to get fat. I mean it man, it ain't funny.
Tony Eagle: Hey Joe, come on, you were always fat!
Bob Eagle: Well, I don't know about you, but I'm glad that we have really good freedom loving men in this country. Men that believe in freedom. If these guys didn't come out and feed us, we might die from the heat!
(Eagles laugh)
Joe Eagle: Yeah, at least we got men that respect us. Makes you feel a little sorry for those guys. It's not their fault they have a bunch of dessert mucking idiots as masters. Still...if they think they are going to make us wear those stupid hats, they don't know the power of the American Eagle do they boys?
Bob Eagle: No tell em.
Joe Eagle: Nope, that bird ain't no match for me. Still, Halloween is coming. I might just steal me one of those hats and surprise my wife.
Bob Eagle: Nothing will surprise your wife Joe. When was the last time you brought her a feather with a diamond on it?
Joe Eagle: When was the last time you laid an egg Bob? Hey...throw Me another one...this ain't welfare...we hold you guys together, remember that!
Nobody Notes: This picture was taken last year very close to my house, on the banks of the Missouri River near Alton, Il. Some really good men saw that the river was frozen, and every day, took the eagles buckets of fresh fish, that they paid for out of their own pockets. God bless em.
And...really, these eagles don't need millions dollars headdresses...God gave them the best one on the planet.


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Nobody Cares About How They Do It

Nobody Cares: What do you do if you have been in Congress longer than the life span of a carp, and you want to pass your really great job to your children, but you have this problem with the people who really want your @#$ political body and all of your corrupt body of connections, out of there?
You make sure the biggest idiots on the planet get on the ballot, just to scare the American people into thinking that THESE people might get in your seat of power and REALLY mess things up!
Always use fear. It works every time.
We have a prostitute, (Kristin Davis) a "my rent's too high party" candidate, (Jimmy McMillan) and Alvin Green.
Alvin is in a class all by himself. He has memorized a whole sentence for his campaign. "Jim Demitt is responsible for the recession." he says. Fortunately for us, he has no clue to what a recession is. He still lives in his parents basement. He thinks a recession is the hole in his basement floor.
He should figure it out sometime before Christmas.
Yes, and then the powers that are trying to manipulate us all...have to really go after the serious candidates that COULD take their cushy jobs away from them.
How do you trash them? Guide all attacks and conversations to the tabloid toilet talk. Stay completely away from every single issue. Make up things like "Why, he tied up a girl and made her beg for cookies!"
After the New York Debate last night, all the liberals could talk about was that Carl Paladino, the most sensible guy on the ballot for New York, couldn't hold his bladder.
But Andrew (You got a problem wit dat?) Cuomo, will let gays marry, and he will always have complete control over his bladder.
Right, if you can't hold your bladder, how in the world are you going to govern?
Paladino left the stage for a couple of time Bill Clinton lost the nuclear suitcase, and couldn't even remember where he left it, but he COULD hold his long in fact, most people watching his long soliloquies couldn't. Adult diapers were handed out in the lobby.
Then Christine O'Donnell, a tea party candidate, has been attacked for hanging out with Wickens when she was sixteen. The liberals just love the fact that she bought up masturbation in her youth...which gives them an excuse to talk about their favorite subject. Obama hung out with drug addicts, but that's MUCH more mature. And we won't go into who the Kennedy family hung out with. Some of them didn't live to vote.
That's their strategy. Load the ballots full of idiots to make their democratic incumbents look good. Then attack all the good people running with slanderous BS. Like Sarah Palin not given birth to her own baby.
I'm expecting Kali to be on the Presidential ticket for 2010....or...maybe we should just scrifice a goat.


Monday, October 18, 2010

Nobody's Perfect: France's New Reign of Terror: President Bardot?

Nobody's Perfect: This week, the award of imperfection goes to that lovable nation where no man, woman, or child has EVER had problem with self esteem...France.
Ah...the French---They are at it again. They are in the streets, burning up cars, and throwing rocks and trash at the police. Millions of them are marching and demanding that they be allowed to retire at 60 so that they can watch old Jerry Lewis movies, and drink wine, and basically do what they have ALWAYS done in history.
Not much.
When I think of France, I think of their love of perfume, their skinny models, long walks along the Seine, the Eiffel Tower, and the smell of Muslim's burning cars in the morning.
Oh, and how they HATE us Americans. We eat hot dogs.
It's a historical fact that the French had to be saved in both world wars. They really don't like to fight outside their own country. But give them a good reason INSIDE their own country, and the genetics proclivities to want to trash and burn and shout various French slogans of revelution just bubble up like Champaign corks in the old Louis XIV bottle.
How DARE you make us work!
They are so angry at the thought of working, that the whole country has shut down in protest.
Gas has been halted, the planes are not flying, the trains are not working, the trucks are not trunking, and so, everyone is basically, no doubt..drunk.
They are clamoring for a savior. And soon, they might get one in a woman who is planning to run for election in 2012 in order to save the country that she loves...a woman that eats no meat.
A woman who says Sarah Palin is a "disgrace to women" because she doesn't care about the polar bears.
A woman who once drove every man on the planet crazy with desire.
A woman, who if elected to become the next President of France, will surely bring back the guillotine, and start hacking off heads of anyone who hurts an animal, a polar bear, or Al Gore.
Bridgett Bardot.
There is garbage in the streets tonight in Paris. Rubber bullets are flying---gas masks are common, and the Eiffel Tower is being guarded by men with big guns.
And if the Eiffel Tower is attacked, you can be sure that Bardot just might get elected...and the Muslims, who have a nasty habit of slaughtering baby lambs, might be the first on the list in Bridgett's Reign of Terror.
Despite what everyone thinks about the old gal, she might be the best thing to happen to France. She would certainly make sex holidays common, and free state run prostitution paid for all union members who continue to work.
She will save every animal in France from execution. The French eat a lot of fish, so it probably won't matter.
All Muslims, will be more money to the state, and the people can go back to just doing what they like to do.
Yes, France is not perfect. They really messed up their first revolution. The second one will probably end up the same way, and we will continue to make fun of them, regardless.


Sunday, October 17, 2010

Save the Dogs--Trash the Schools

Nobody's Opinion:

I did a good thing tonight--- I saved a dog from being run over by a truck, and it's a good thing too, because I don't think my neighbor could have taken another tragic blow to her heart.

This was my neighbor who lost her son last year. He was shot point-blank straight in the head at a stoplight by black boys, downtown St. Louis one night, probably over a drug deal, but no one is sure.

They never caught the murderers.

It happened pretty quick---me saving the dog...but I'm sure the bullet to the head was quick too, as unexpected events tend to be.

I was walking my other dogs at night around the block on this fine Indian summer night, and this little miniature Pomeranian munchkin had run out barking at us...crossing the street, right in front of a moving truck.

I stepped out in front of the pickup truck, with my arms up, and grabbed his leash. Good thing the driver was paying attention...he stopped.

I have squirrels bigger than Max in my back yard. Boy, was I relieved when I picked him up, because I knew she had bought him to help ease her pain over her son's death. To see her little companion run over would have been just too much for the poor soul.

"We got him at the pound," she said when I handed him to her.

What was funny, is my neighbor lady was just standing there, and must have let go of the leash. Why, I thought? (She needs knee surgery I found out.) But, I could see by her face that she was not all there.

"Hey, I said, How have you been?" I said.

"Didn't you hear? I was laid off. " (So much for that knee surgery.)

Great--- I thought. Just what little Alex was so scared was going to happen.

Little Alex is her grandson that she is raising because one of her other sons doesn't want him. The kid comes and talks to me...all the time. He was really upset. He couldn't get a bike now he said. The last one he had was stolen and they didn't have the money to replace it.

"The way they did it was so cruel." she said. "They just told everyone to check the Internet and if their name was NOT there, not to bother to come in. Eighteen years I have been teaching there. And Shawn got laid off too."

Shawn was her youngest son of twenty- eight. She has two sons left-- Her husband was a hair dresser and things have been very slow.

"They laid off over 190 teachers." she said.

And I thought, probably mostly white teachers, because the school was predominately black and many of the black parents were complaining about having white teachers, they wanted black teachers. You don't hear about this stuff...but it's true.

As I walked the rest of the way home, feeling badly for her...I was thinking about how the problem of the educational systems was summed up on just my one little block.

Compare this lady's flight with my other neighbor across the street. She got a divorce over 15 years ago, had three daughters, and somehow got a job at the same school where the "teacher" taught, but in the administrative office building. She never had to put up with what the lowly teacher had to put up with every day...pretty much being scared for her life sometimes.

This lady, while "in the office doing who knows what" managed to get a PhD in business, and buy her daughter and herself three brand new mini- vans.

All on the same day...the minivans I mean.

She still has her job. She makes big bucks...and I still don't know who paid for her education, or how she got such a great big salary from being a housewife with nothing more than a high school diploma, but she knew someone.

Both these women are democrats..but...and as you can guess...I get along a lot better with the one who lost her son, and her job, and is raising a grandson, and now has to worry about food.

The other a full- fledged feminNAZI, as Rush would say.

If we got rid of the unions, the ERA, the millions of worthless paper- pushers, who do nothing all day, and just hire decent teachers...we'd be in a lot better shape. Pay some retired teachers be principles.

The hard working teacher will now get canned, so the high paid administrators jobs can be saved. This is ...America.

I'm glad I saved little MAX...I only wished I could have saved his master's job.

So...who is going to save our kids from a nation of ignorant and greedy adults? I don't know, but I'm going to ask MAX next time I see him.

He owes me a big sloppy, sweet puppy kiss.