Sunday, May 15, 2011

Nobody Wants to Claim the Trademark, DEBT CEILING

Nobody's Opinion: The big news today was...The whole middle of the country is being drowned and destroyed by floods!! no it wasn't.

The big news was Huckabee is not going to run for President (aaahhhh) but Newt Gingrich is. Newt is a supporter of Obamacare. Mitt Romney makes no apologies of HIS Obamacare that he passed in Massachusetts, so right there, these two Rhino's have laid their cards right out on the table. Mitt says he will appeal Obamacare, but if you believe that, then you also believe that the tooth fairy is The ROCK, and he really does wear a pink tutu.

Ron Paul, is now on board with amnesty. Tom Trancredo said this about Ron Paul:

He insinuates that patriotic Americans who oppose mass immigration are lazy and
motivated by race. He says that Immigrants "have a work ethic superior to many
of our own citizens who have grown dependent on welfare and unemployment
benefits. It's hard to hide the fact that resentment toward a Hispanic immigrant
is more common than toward a European illegal immigrant."

Wow...such choices we have. And speaking of Obamacare...

Nobody Wins when your beloved Congress passes Obamacare and then Obama gives waivers to 1,372 mostly big corporations, to opt out of it---because then you can be sure you're not living in a Republic anymore. In other words, give money to the Democrats, keep them in power, and you do not have to pay. It's another way to get rid of all small businesses who, of course will not be able to stay in business...which is the plan, and speaking of business...

Nobody Knows how in the world Disney got to trademark Seal Team Six? I mean, can I go and trademark the White House? Or how about the Presidency? Think of the MONEY I would make every single time the logo appeared? This is unbelievable. A company got the rights to make money off our soldiers.

Disney and our government merged when they extended Mickey's copyright forever.

They will make royalties off toys, games, playthings, gymnastic and sporting articles, hand held units for playing electronic games, Christmas stockings and tree ornaments, snow globes..and probably dildo's.

Really..the only ones who should be able to trademark the Navy Seals and receive money from it are the Seals and their families...or the taxpayers who PAY for the Seals. Does DISNEY pay the Seals salary? Well, we are all fools..

And speaking of fools...

Nobody Fool...Timothy Geithner is doing his usual creepy best scare tactic in the news,..because he wants the banks to have an unlimited spending credit card forever courtesy of future generations yet unborn--- BECAUSE if we don't let them up the debt ceiling (above 14 trillion) ...we are all doomed to hell.

"A default on Treasury debt could lead to concerns about the solvency of
the investment and financial institutions that hold Treasury securities in their
portfolios, which could cause a run on money market mutual funds and the broader
financial system." Geithner said in a letter.

He is threatening...double-dip recession! Hey..double-dip recession is coming no matter WHAT they do. Bacon has already doubled in price. Little Timmy can't lose. So when the Republicans say "NO" and things get worse, which they will no matter what...he can say, "I told you so." Not to mention, Bloomberg (Yeah, the mayor) compared anyone who will NOT give the rich more money, worse than Al-Qaeda terrorists...which brings me to..

Nobody Wonders what has happened to FOX news? I was watching the Saturday morning financial wizards and the question of the day was: "Should we go ahead and give $3 billion dollars to the Al-Qaeda rebels in Libya?" And they all said..."Yes." I'm expecting to turn on FOX soon and see the news that Israel should just give up the land to the Palestinians. Believe me, I will not be surprised. The only thing that would surprised me would be if Obama ran as Barry.

Wait...I don't want to give him any ideas..

And speaking of surprises...

Nobody's Perfect. A man named McDonald was found in his truck, along with his diary saying that he got snowed in...but decided to stay IN his truck for over 70 days, to which, he finally died. I don't know about you...but I would have left that truck after the third day...evidently he thought nobody cared...or he was just plain stupid.

And speaking about caring...

Nobody Cares that two of the most idiotic famous people on the planet will be joining voices on Al Gore's TV sitcom".. Keith Olbermann and Michael Moore. In it, we will be hearing such wonderful words of wisdom from Michael as this:

"It's one thing to be happy that a criminal has been captured and dealt
with. It's another thing to throw a kegger celebrating his death at the site
where the remains of his victims are still occasionally found. Is that who we
are? Is that what Jesus would do? I hire only ex-Seals and ex-Special Forces
guys to handle my own security."

Nobody Thinks that Jesus would suggest Charlie Sheen join them both, at ground zero, to beg for forgiveness for using his name to promote their own socialist agendas, and then call up the devil to take them all away.

Let's just say...Nobody Remembers...better days.



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