Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Another Word From Our Sponcer!

Nobody Cares

I took the day off and went to see one of the best botanical gardens in the world...right here in St. Louis. As you can see...I was in heaven. I took WAY too many pictures.

That's my friend Pattie, standing in the middle of the "Mediterranean plaza" and smiling a great big smile for the picture EVEN though, her feet were killing her.

So, here's the thing: You cannot go through all this beauty and not help but think, "God invented evolution so as to give us all this wonderful beauty and variety." I really don't see how evolutionists can say God could not have thought up "evolution." and therefore does not exist.

Jeez. And they give these people degrees!

I'll be back tomorrow to complain about every little thing political, but for tonight...I'm enjoying the memories.



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