Friday, May 06, 2011

Nobody Takes a Second Look at the Brits

Nobody's Fool: Last week, we witnessed one of the most beautiful weddings ever photographed and exhibited on the planet. The Queen, and all her subjects.. outdid themselves. As I watched the whole thing from my flu bed, for once in my life, I saw the whole rich elite Lords and Ladies, and Kings and Queens from a different perspective...not easy for an American, but there you go...when you see perfection, you must admit it.

And perfect it was---from the young spring trees lining the walkway to the altar, to the simple dress of the bride, to all the men's perfection down to the very last button hole. And the hats! more silly than the next---and didn't we love it!

Beyond the ceremony, you had the beautiful grace of the young couple, William and Kate. The ceremony itself reaffirmed that institution of marriage is a great invention of proper society when you're lucky enough to get it right. Nowadays it seems, most people take two or three times. Some get lucky on the first try.

When two people as this young Kate and her guy..seem so well fit for each other..marriage can be taken to a whole other plane of beauty. (okay, so I'm saying idealistically, but..humor me.) Sure...we knew this was another marriage to bring forth more heirs to the throne, but everyone who watched, could see love. Those of us who had lived through the marriage of Diana and Prince Charles, were so relieved to see the boy who had lost his mother find his perfect mate.
Because we all know the story now, don't we? Prince Charles only married Diana in order to bring forth children (which he couldn't do with Camel-a) I don't think Prince Charles is popular even in his own land..just for that act alone.

Not that he cares.

So, this couple came just in time. Britain needed a good dose of nationalism.

The young William and Harry are so much more "human" than their father, that to bring forth this union and to go on a giant PR campaign is really...just very brilliant for the Queen.

Now, if you know me, you know that I'm not one for hereditary monarchy's. I don't think "bloodlines" are exactly such a great thing to rule a nation. Having said that...if you look at the mess we have today in our country...I thought, as I watched the Queen and her family...AND their guests---they outclassed Obama and our nation by millions of miles.

Here in our country...Whoopi Goldberg, a black comedian, made a comment that there were not blacks there--- yeah...brilliant observation. This is the prime example of how far Americans have fallen from their belief in themselves, and their sad, sad educational system. It's as if we have no clue who we are anymore. The white people here, many of whom, as I do, have ancestral ties to the great British nation from which we broke off..these ties were severed sometime after WWII, and more is the pity. We should become closer to our British allies.

I did get upset when the Queen and her son would not wave at their subjects. I guess it's tradition, but it's one they should break. They seem stiff, unaffectionate, and unappreciative. And yet, as the Queen was getting out of her car, I saw her turn and thank the man opening her door. Maybe there is something here that I don't know about. (amfortas?) But, I think I'd prefer a Queen that never smiles than the fake smiles from any President.

The pomp and circumstance of the whole Queen deal is such a part of Britain's identity, to get rid of it, would be like cutting off it's right hand. I understand that least I think so.

And they would be fools not to cash in on it. So...take your pick: Your own special I-Phone with William and Catherine name on it: a fridge with their pictures on it: or...a gold coin? (Personally, I thought the fridge was a bit much, god forbid any food rot in it. )

For me...I have a duplicate of Kate's ring...given to me by my best friend, who also got one for herself. And that's a gift that keeps a memory of a day of watching the perfect wedding...even though, we both know...there is no such thing. (Thanks Pattie!)

What I really want to say is that Britain was here first, in the modern word so to speak. The world has benefitted from its history, it's people, and it's great culture, more than it ever cares to admit.

See...already I'm starting to get some class! The is hope in the fields of Westminster Hazelwood.

All I need is a new hat.



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