Thursday, May 05, 2011

Nobody Knows What Hillary Saw, but Nobody Can Guess!

Nobody Knows

It was reported, when this picture was first released, that Vice President Joe Biden, 'President' Obama, Admiral Michael Mullen, Director of Intelligence, James Clapper, Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, Counterterrorism Chief John Brennan, and Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates,...were watching the assassination of Bin Laden as it happened.

Then, the next day, they said, that's not right. Hillary was trying to suppress a cough and they were actually, staring at a blank screen.

Well cowboys and we REALLY believe that?

Since they will not admit exactly WHAT they saw, or what they had found out, I think we can assume we are free to speculate. What did Hillary (and the rest) REALLY see in Osama's bedroom?

1. Oh my god...there's a copy of Obama's REAL birth certificate!

2. Is that a pork sandwich?

3. He has Euro's? Didn't we just send him about a million? Does this mean he has lost faith in the dollar? Don't tell Bernanke.

4. Hillary: Oh no...he has my private phone number.

5. My god...he makes his own beer? What does it say? (seal member picks up bottle to show label)

Bin Lager?

6. He's watching Conan O'Brian?

7. Wait...pan that...Michael Jackson's doctor?

8. What else is that on the table? Kosher Dills!?

9. He does WHAT with camels?

10...Wait...he has a tattoo...who is it? (Seal guy lifts up Osama's arm) ...looks like...Shirley Temple!

(Nobody Makes this stuff up...just because.)



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