Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Robert Redford: Still Waiting for CHANGE

Nobody Cares: Robert Redford has come out of the woods to promote his new movie called "The Conspirator." It's about some woman who was at the house were the plot to assassinate Lincoln was hatched, and she claimed to be innocent of the whole thing. Evidently, there was corruption on the jury, and the President got involved. (So what else is new?)

Robert says, "She was stoic in the defense of herself. And they put her in a military tribunal, which should have been a civil trial. This is tricky territory. When I got the script, I though, uh oh. There are obvious parallels with how this country is today. We're not making something up here to make a political point. It's there. It's up to the audience to find it and say 'Wow, how have we progressed? Have we? Or are we repeating ourselves? But I can't talk about that."

Wuss. Why don't you just say you think all Muslim terrorists should have a civil trial?

Hey, as a movie star, I like Robert Redford. He's made a lot of entertaining films. But, if my husband makes me watch Jeremiah Johnson one more time, I think I'll start stewing rabbits for his dinner. When it comes to politics, I'd have a hard time sitting in the same log cabin with him, and I would probably be serving him chicken necks.

He added this:

The moderns are the hi-tech Silicon Valley people. The traditionalists on
the lower end of it are the people who don't want change, they're afraid of
change, therefore they have anger. The fear card is a very big powerful card and
when you have people afraid of change, they'll do anything to prevent it.
They're doing it because they're limited, frightened of people who are not as

Nobody Says-- You're damn right we don't want to change America into a communist country, where a few rich boys like you grab all the land to "protect" our "lower" proclivities to want to go and fish and enjoy them ourselves. And you're damn right some of us are afraid of all the new technology where cell phones have trackers in them, kids can be watched from computers at school, and they can find out wherever we drive by satellite chips in our cars. We are truly afraid of what this power means in the hands of a few.

Redford continues and says the real problem in the country is the "traditionalists."

Anyone who loves America...I guess is the problem.

He's not happy with Obama either. He says the left does its level best to preserve a corrupting status- quo, even if it means creating an unsustainable future for our children and bankrupting our great nation.

Nobody Says: Make up your mind Robert. Or, are you talking about the bears, and the coyotes?

Redford, also doesn't like Sarah Palin. "I think Sarah Palin, part of her strength is how limited she is." This is coming from a man who has the biggest collection of porn video's outside in his barn at Sundance. Yeah, I suppose next to Robert, she IS limited in knowing how many times Debbie Does Dallas.

Robert Redford likes to see himself as a modern day Jeremiah Johnson. But I would bet you a whole wagon of rabbit skins that if Robert Redford and Sarah Palin were dropped off in the wilderness of Alaska, Robert Redford would not make it back to his Sundance without her.

I'm just saying.



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