Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Soros Projects Death In America

Nobody Remembers: I'm not going to talk about Obama's speech today. He said the same old, same old: Tax the rich, Bush is at fault, and I'm going to keep spending money. You have to sacrifice for ME. I found out something today, much more interesting...the actual author of Obamacare. I thought it was Hillary Clinton. I was wrong. Remember Hillary's Health Security Act? In 1994, Hillarycare, even though it was cooked up in secret meetings behind closed doors (as was Obamacare) it was being promoted by anchors on the major television networks giving the plan free promotion. But then, a private group of healthcare insurers put up one single $14 million dollar ad campaign called "Harry and Louise." America reacted with horror, and Bill and Hillary had to accept defeat. Nevertheless, George Soros, wanted to keep one thing alive from Hillarycare: "rationed care." Not long after Hillarycare's defeat, Soros spoke at Columbia University's school of medicine to a roomful of physicians and introduced his new, "Project on Death in America." Yes, that's what he called it. This from The Shadow Party by David Horowitz:
"Its overt purpose was to help the elderly and the terminally ill go to their deaths more comfortably, by providing hospices, pain reduction and other sorts of "palliative" care, not designed to cure them but simply to help them relax, feel better and accept the inevitable. But the Project on Death also had a covert purpose, which was almost certainly its real purpose. That purpose was to save money by rationing healthcare---specifically by denying expensive care to people who were deemed hopeless or whose lives were not considered worth saving for one reason or another. Under Soros's proposal many gravely ill people would be given "palliative" care instead of real care, which was much less expensive."
Soros said, "The fear is that the dying of the elderly will drain the national treasury." we hear in every debate now...they can't afford the baby boomers to live to long. We cost too much. We just have to trim Medicare. We...are expendable. Sorry. That's why it MUST be repealed. Later on, in order to make sure that NO commercial could ever defeat the passage of Soros' Project on Death ever again, Soros gave big money to McCain and Feingold. (through all his many organizations) The McCain-Feingold bill's purpose was not to clean up dirty money in politics, it did nothing of the sort, but to regulate political speech 60 days before a general election. Did McCain know what he was doing? (Does Lady Gaga like to go naked?) And just why does Palin keep protecting him again? George Soros was the man behind the McCain-Feingold Bill. He wanted to make sure that no one could post a negative advertisement about his Soros/Hillary/ObamaCare ever again. No more "Obamacare Holocaust" commercials will ever appear in our lifetime, thanks to George Soros depriving us of free speech. And John McCain. (Mr. McCain...shame on you. Pimp your ride and get out of Dodge, for the love of Pete.) In his book, David Horowitz connects the long time association between Hillary and Soros. It seems, both Hillary and Obama truly are his puppets. Yeah, well, we really didn't think Obama picked Hillary to be his Secretary of State--- did we now? You have to give Glenn Beck credit. He showed how this one man is ruining the world, for his own glee and profit. George Soros is one man who should be tried for crimes against humanity. Hopefully, he will have to abide someday by his own Project on Death, the sooner the better.



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