Monday, April 04, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: Obama the Executioner VS Hillary the Hun

Nobody's Perfect: It was hard not to comment on the fabulous failure of Charlie Sheen's road show this week. It was also hard not to celebrate the retirement of Katie Couric from the CBS nightly news, but, I found these two flaming pilgrims mere twits on a baby's dimpled butt-cheek compared to the real life mistakes of our big and bold socialist leaders. Obama makes the list again this week, (I cannot seem to keep him off) but he has good company in our favorite gal about the world, Hillary Clinton. Most of us have noticed that for the FIRST time in Obama's administration, Hillary Clinton has been on the front lines running the United States in foreign affairs in the East because, if there is a mistake made, Obama can blame her. Hillary, the maniacal man-hater, has found one man she wants to stick up for: Assad of Syria. Assad has killed 40,000 of his own people in Lebanon (according to WIKIPEDIA) ...which puts him right up there with Saddam, but Hillary said that Assad is a "reformer." In other words, when his people rose up against him recently, she stuck up for him. Now, does this have ANYTHING to do with the Golan Heights that Israel won far and square after being attacked by Syria in the Yom Kipper War? Is this against the Jews--- because this is land that Obama would like Israel to give back? Or is it because satellite images project plutonian in Syria? This from Charles Krauthammer:
Clinton's statement is morally obtuse. Here are people demonstrating against a dictatorship that repeatedly uses live fire on its own people, a regime that in 1982 killed 20,000 in Hama and then paved the dead over. Here are insanely courageous people demanding reform---the the U.S. secretary of state tells the world that the thug ordering and shooting of innocents already is a reformer, thus effectively endorsing the Baath party line---"We are all reformers," Assad told parliament---and undermine the demonstrators" cause.
Hillary is no pimp of piety. Obviously she was told to stick up for Assad by her boss. And speaking of her boss, Hillary's racking mistake is nothing compared to her boss's decision, made today, that...well ..I'll just keep Gitmo opened and those terrorist that I said I would put on trial in New York, are going to be tried by military court. He announced this absurd reversal on the same day he said he was running for reelection, which of course reminded everyone how he had promised to close Gitmo on his first day in office, and how he lobbied hard to give a "fair trial" to the terrorists of 9/11 in New York, causing more years of extreme heartache to all those that suffered on that day. Obama's political instincts are sharp and so, he passed the buck of blame on this to Eric Holder. Bob Holder said this in a press conference: "Do I know better than them? Yes. I respect their ability to disagree but they should respect that this is an executive branch function, a unique executive branch function," Obama has a lot of "executive branch functions" doesn't he? In other words, a dictator can branch out as many functions as he seems fit. No wonder he likes Assad. Obama's Youtube reelection video was so lame, that you would actually think MR. Perfect wants to lose. Or, is he just waiting for the big moment to recapture his popularity? Nobody thinks, with these two running the show, Obama might never have to run for reelectoin ever again.



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