Friday, March 25, 2011

Welcome to the New World Order of the General Elites (GE)

Nobody Wins: Jeffery Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, is just about as arrogant a man as you would ever encounter. I once saw him on Charlie Rose, and he made it quite clear, that to him, America was just a stooge on a map. He is a proud globalist. Jeffery said that if any man or women in America that worked for GE did not want to go work in China--he would fire them on the spot, because to Jeffery, we all must accept the fact that Jeffery, is King of the World. He loves China, because communism works so well for a CEO.

His mother must be proud.

We found today that GE, made profits of $14.2 billion worldwide, and $5.1 billion from the United States. The company did not have to pay any taxes. In fact, GE got a tax benefit of $3.2 billion. That G.E. Japanese nuclear reactor melted down just in time.

Obama's wanting the rich to pay more, means, he wants them to pay more to him.
GE gave more money to Obama's campaign than had ever been given before.

Jeffery went to India with 'President' Obama, and was on the plane to Rio with him too. He has been given an official government title. He is right by his side making plans for one big GE world.

But it's not just GE gettng tax breaks, many big multinational companies are getting everything for free. Almost all of them pay no taxes, so when Michael Moore complains, you can understand why so many people listen to him, and that's a fact that is maddening.

To get Obamacare passed, (with the blessings of big insurance, and pharmaceutical companies) Obama had to make exceptions to his rule and bribe a few states with a "get out of Obamacare Free" card. Then before you knew it, ALL the big international companies got excused from the Obamacare draconian law, a law that all the Congressmen don't have to abide by either. The truth is: if you are rich, you are excused, if you are better pay up.

Obamacare is a slow holocaust. It's a depopulation tool, dressed in a benevolent "universal health care for ALL" package.

Depopulation is a key plan for the very rich. Warren Buffett gave $3 billion dollars to promote abortions all over the world, right after Obama first official act was to open the gates of taxpayer support for abortions worldwide. Obama kicked in $50 million, thank you very much dear citizen. Yes, Warren and Bill Gates voted for Obama. And there are other reasons why.

Warren just put up $50 million of his own money to start up the UN nuclear bank, and why? Warren has an energy utility business and owns MidAmerican Energy. His motivation for donating to the UN nuclear bank will benefit him later with regard to a UN monopoly over nuclear power for electricity.

This from Infowars:

Taxpayers will ultimately fund the UN nuclear bank that is in opposition to
public interest and freedom. This trick is accomplished through foundations
convincing governments to regulate or take action on an issue and then passing
the cost on to taxpayers. As sovereign countries dismantle their nuclear weapons
under UN treaties, the UN is simultaneously building its nuclear arsenal by way
of the nuclear bank.

Yes, Buffett proposed this UN bank through a foundation he funds called the Nuclear Threat Initiative. (NTI) Ted Turner (who would like to get rid of at least 5 billion on the planet) is co-chairman. Sam Nunn, is the other chairman.

So, who else is working hard on dismantling our nuclear weapons besides Obama? Henry Kissinger, George Schulz, William Perry, Zbigniew Brzezinki, Madeleine Albright, and Colin Powell among others.

Oh, it's for the benefit of mankind they say...a dream to get rid of all those nuclear weapons.

Right, and my mother loved to do laundry.

These rich guys are after a one world government. What Alex Jones, and David Icke have been talking about for years, is finally becoming known to us all.

Cassandra Anderson of Inforwars wrote:

In short, the sustainable objective is the abolition of private property,
education for global citizenship, and the use of technology to control human
action. Additionally, the UN is locking in another uranium enrichment monopoly
over nuclear power for electricity, which will also increase “interdependency of

So, GE got Congress to outlaw our light bulbs and make us buy ones filled with mercury; GE has forced our government to push electric cars and the rebuilding of a whole nations infrastucture and all this new technology to profit billions more for them, and also to join with the United Nations in building global nuclear GE power plants...all without having to pay one single dime in taxes.

Our politicians are just butt-boys to these big companies. Charlie Rangel and George W. Bush both made laws benefiting the tax breaks for GE. So..nobody suggests that we change the name of the Unites States to GE...the General Elites.

And then...turn the lights out.



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