Monday, March 14, 2011

Consider the Source: Stephen King

Nobody's Perfect:
How can you not like this guy? He is an American Icon. He has lead us down the deep dark avenues of his bucket well of pain, and gotten paid big bucks for it.

One of my favorite movies of all time, is The Stephen King's movie, The DreamCatcher. (What's yours?) The guy is a genius..and thank god he gets up every day and puts on his rock and roll, and writes.

But, when he comes out and attacks the tea party candidates in Maine and Florida, (see video) the ONLY candidates that do not belong to the millionaire Plutocracy called our Congress, you have to wonder...what drug is he on now?

As my mother's always said when someone says somthing really off- the-wall: Consider the source. So let's consider the source of Stephen King.

Since he was so bold some time ago, to say that everybody who can't read, joins the army...insinuating that the army is filled with ignorant people, I feel it's time to point out some very common- sense things about Stephen King.

Consider his source.

His father deserted his mother, Stephen' s older adopted brother, and himself, when he was two. He went out for a cigarette and never came back. Stephen found an old H.P. Lovecraft book that had belonged to his father in the attic and decided to become a writer.

You don't have to be a psychiatrist to go down that road. Being a genius, (and suffering from fatherless trauma) he got hooked on comic books, reading, and discovered he had talent for writing so he became an English teacher.

Teachers, no matter how brilliant they are: live in a dream bubble. University life is completely removed from the rest of money-making society. Add cocaine, marijuana, alcohol, heroin, LSD, opium (and that's just a few) and mix that cocktail to the "I know everything" because I'm a university professor, (not all are like this mind you...but here in's standard) and you start to see a real connection between Charlie Sheen, and Mr. King. Obviously, Stephen suffers from deep depressions and writing has been his lifeline to salvation.

In his book, "On Writing," Stephen admits he reads mostly fiction, which explains his complete ignorance on politics. Whatever political news he reads, he probably reads what he craves: which is the liberal sites.

Stephen a member of the elite, and it's a club he feels he deserves. And who are we to argue?

Besides, he is so busy writing six hours a day, (according to him) he has little time for reading, which is why he got hit by a car walking and reading at the same time.

Stephen is a democrat. These arguments he gives...supporting unions, and trashing the newly elected 'tea party' men, are almost funny coming from him, but in this, he is no original.

He wants to be taxed more. They only take 28%. But...if you say...Hey write a check King, whose stopping you?--- He then tells the crowd that he donates money..that the government doesn't take.

Well, that a good thing isn't it? If the government had it, his money would go to abort black babies, instead of building them libraries.

Stephen has a brain lapse somewhere between Carrie and the last valium he took.

He complains that his mother once went to a Republican government and asked for help. Instead of blaming his REAL father for his mother's hard life, he blames the state.

As for saying that military guys are "stupid," let's just say, those guys have seen REAL nightmares: dead bodies, buddies blowing up, scary things that Stephen King, would run and hide from and couldn't even handle. They live nightmares, and experience fear every day.

Stephen King only imagines it.

If you put Stephen King on the battlefield in Iraq or Afghanistan, he would be the first one off the field. And the statement was so stupid, those men could care less. They live in the real world...Stephen, does not.

No matter how rich Stephen King becomes, he will never see the world besides the painful one that he has invented in his mind. And since he can't seem to get over that intellectual hurdle called the 'truth' due to his bottomless pit of pain---.

Nobody feels sorry for him. (Go ahead, take that BOTH ways!)

Next time you get that extra tax money, Stephen, I think you should donate about a million copies of your books to those poor ignorant boys in the Armed Forces, free of charge. Help them escape reality.

You want them to learn how to read...don't you?



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