Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hacking Mark Zuckerman

Dear Mark Zuckerman: Please, Hack the Patent Office and Help the Little Inventor
Nobody Cares I hope, that I am going to get off politics for one day and write about the movie, "The Social Network" since I just watched it today for the first time.
(That's me and my friend Pattie.)
The movie was fascinating from the point of ---is it right to "steal" an idea? I know something about this since I have gone throw the whole patenting process myself, and since Zuckerman actually, sort of..stole the Facebook "idea" and was TIME'S MAN OF THE YEAR, in 2010, what does that say about ethics in business?
That's basically what the movie was about. Did this genius kid, STEAL the idea from others that was not his to steal?
To set the question -- up short from the movie...this is the argument: Zuckerman gets dumped by his girlfriend, and in a huffy snit, goes back to his Harvard dorm and "hacks" into all the schools many files, which includes all the school pictures. His friend gives him an algoris.
Me--- I would have argued, his friend SHOULD have been at least half owner in the intellectual property, because Mark did not pay him as an outside contractor. in fact, his friend (Eduardo Saverin) financed him in the beginning..but he didn't have the idea, so he agrees to be the business partner in the company. And it grows from there.
Mark puts up a sort of contest on Harvard's line: He puts up two pictures and everyone has to say whether the person is HOT or NOT. He calls it FACEMASH.
You would never know that Mark's mother was a psychiatrist, because evidently she wasn't a very good one, having raised a kid with no cares as to who he hurts from his antics. For a genius, he was pretty stupid in human affairs, or you get the feeling, he really doesn't care. A narcissistic genius with the emotional IQ of a warthog. today's world of billionaires, good thing he was an "ambitious warthog" and didn't care whose feelings he hurt with the contest, because he upset so many people, that the Harvard computer system crashed, leaving him open to three other boys who come up with an idea to take the FACEBOOK (Yes, there was college Face book already) and make one for Harvard.
Mark, tells them yes, then goes home, and with his vast abilities as a software programmer, takes the idea and runs with it. He sends them email after say he's busy.
They sue him, his best friend who financed him in the beginning sues him...because the Napster guy comes in and with his street smarts and gets him Angel financers, without whom he could not have gotten as big.
In the end, everyone gets a big piece of the pie, which seemed pretty fair.
There is no doubt the guy deserves his fame. He had built a plug in for the MP3 player Winamp that would learn your music listening habits, then create a playlist to meet your taste. Microsoft and AOL were interested. And he was smart to ignore them.
This brings me to an important point:
Zuckerman was from Harvard. Bill Gates, went to Harvard. Had these guys been at any other place, this movie might not have been made. As the movie points out, it's who you know, and even Zuckerman knew that as the first scene points out.
Up to now our patent system has protected all the individual inventors that don't go to Harvard. That 's about to end if we don't act.
The Senate is about to vote on No. S. 23.

The so-called “Patent Reform Act of 2011” will destroy our patent system by
setting up a system that disadvantages small inventors in favor of large
corporations, makes it easier to infringe patents, easier to challenge patent
rights in administrative proceedings and in the courts, and makes it more
expensive for inventors to defend their patents.

Zuckerman, with the help of the Napster, got his own venture capitalists, like Bill Gates. But not everyone goes to Harvard. So many of our greatest minds are about to be put out in the pasture.
It's already difficult to get an invention patented. If this passes, you might as well not even try...unless of course, you go to Harvard and can hack into the patent office. (Mark?)
The multinational companies are out to make sure, you either work for them, or you don't.
FACEBOOK, was made movie of the Year, and Zuckerman was made Man of the Year, because our government is using FACEBOOK as the new media to cause revolutions all over the world.
Kind of ironic. Freedom in Cairo, made by a Jew.
Jesse Eisenburg did a great job playing Zuckerman. He doesn't have a FACEBOOK page because he said he doesn't want to post trivial stuff abut himself.
But Zuckerman, is helping his not so good image, with what else? A brand new puppy.
He's just upped his IQ by ten.
Call your senators and tell them to vote NO on the Patent Reform Act of 2011. It's more important than you know.



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