Sunday, March 13, 2011

Nobody Has a Democratic Black Caucus Witch Hunt

Nobody's Opinion:
The recent Congressional hearings being held by Peter King (R-Rep, NY) on radical Islam's influence in America, has been claimed to be a 'witch hunt' by the Black Congressional Caucus.
Nobody watched these hearings today, and the conclusion is as clear as the look on Shultz's face; forget the Muslims for at least a few minutes. Trust our FBI, they've been doing a pretty good job so far.

We need a bigger witch hunt on the dangerous Democratic Black Caucus politicians I witnessed at this hearing. I've decided to go over them one by one, so you can know, that WHEN we are attacked, as every single high official has told us we will be..I am personally going to blame each and every one of these people.

First off: There were two brave black men testifying today, trying to put forth the case from their own tragic personal experiences, that Muslims are here NOW, and they are recruiting our children. Especially ripe for the picking to becoming jihadists are the black men from single moms.

Melvin Bledsoe lost his son to the radicals. He said, when his son took down his Martin Luther King poster off the wall..he really didn't think much. But, when he took his beloved two dogs out to the woods, and they didn't come hit him. His son was recruited in Tennessee while at college, then trained in Yemen. He is now in jail.

Abdirizak Bihi, another 'black" man testified that his nephew was "brainwashed" and taught to give his life as a suicide bomber, which he did. He too, is trying to warn the world.

These men are brave souls, who have learned the hard way the dangers we face. And while every Republican at the hearing expressed dire concern, here is what your Black Democratic Caucus had to say:

Jackie Speier: (D.CA) (She's black, posing as a white Jackie Onassis) Jackie is from San Francisco, and like her buddy, Nancy Pelosi, she can get pretty nasty-- and she did. Why, there wasn't an expert among any of them, and why should she listen at all?! Her precious time was being wasted by even being there.

Hate to say it Jackie, but wear all the pearls you want, you will be one of the guilty when the nobodies look for who did not protect us. (Danger level: yellow because she values her pearls)

Yvette Clarke: (D.NY)Yes, that's her with the bright teeth. Yvette, god help us all, is a chairman on Homeland Security. She said she felt like she was watching Reality TV. She told us Jews and Christians were just as liable to attack us as Muslims. We are all suffering because of this dialogue, it's so racist.

Yvette got her seat due to her mother Uno (not to be confused with ONO) who had held the chair before her. She pushed for legislature to get names OFF the no-fly list. Remember that, if we are attacked by someone who wasn't on it thanks to Yvette, because it passed.

She also, said she had graduated from college, (but she hadn't) and when she was caught in the lie, she was asked to finally repay her student loans. (Dangerous level...high, due to her position on Homeland Security.)

Laura Richardson: (D. CA) (Half white, half black lady, who looks as if she just got back from Woodstock, meaning you can be any color to be on the Democratic Black Caucus) Laura was ---appalled that we were just talking about Muslims--- why there were so many hate groups we are ignoring.

I have to state here that every single one of these democrats wanted to talk about white supremacy groups, KKK, and such, but Melvin Bledsoe, said to them in so many words:-- Hey, this whole thing is about Muslim's, hope you get that congressional meeting on the KKK, good luck with that.

Laura deserve a bit of explaining. She has studied in Hong Kong and Beijing, and she co-wrote the same-sex marriage law that passed in San Francisco. She is also the lady who refuses to let Republicans talk in the house, and always looks for directions on what to say when she has the podium.

MS Richardson did not pay her moargates on her three houses, just so she'd have the money to run for office. She owed over $18,000 when she got elected. Her neighbors said she never mowed her lawn, or took out the garbage. She got a loan from a strip club. (Dangerous...due to her liberal/idealistic--- my black daddy left my white mummy and me, and now I'm out to save all the ugly and poor, minorities--- attitude.).

Danny Davis: You remember Danny---black progressive socialist? Louis Farrakhan's compadre? Danny was put in the Chicago seat of power by the AFL-CIO and ACORN. Blagojevich tried to arrange it that he got Obama's senate seat, but we know how that went. His remarks on the whole thing was, "You don't go hunting when there is no fish to catch." Which in Chicago language means..don't even go there, I have Mafia Redneck SoundBits.

BUT--- he loves America, and all men are created equal. (Danger: This man is out of the hemisphere)

Al Green: Besides the fact that it bothers him immensely that everyone thinks he IS a Muslim, this guy got stuck on the KKK. He is a New Orleans trial lawyer, son of a preacher, and like Obama, refuses to even acknowledged the subject at all. According to Al, the KKK will kill us all before any Muslim even gets out of Michigan. (Danger Will Rogers, High)

What the black caucus wants you to think , is all profiling is raciest, therefore, anyone who even claims it exists, is a racist. They will stick to that story, even if their own country goes down in a nuclear explosion, and say: Hey...we didn't see it coming? I'm black, and because I don't want you to profile me, you can't profile them.

It's what they all say, but this nobody is holding them to putting themselves before the nation.
Traitors the lot of them, and dangerous.

The truth is that Saudi Arabia has poured over 90 million dollars building Mosques and schools here in America, and it's not because they love our Western ways.

Sheila Jackson summed up the Black Caucus opinions on the subject when she said this:
"There is no redeeming factual information that any of us will receive today,"
she said. "It has already been tainted, this hearing. There is no loud sign of
reasoning coming out of this hearing."

With reasoning like that, it's clear to this nobody that we have to get these people out of office before they kill us all.

When a raciest group like the Democratic Black Caucus can doom America to such danger, just to protect their own racist agendas'--- only a political witch hunt of our own will save us. .

Vote them all out, or get them out any legal way possible,.and as Melvin would say:

Save the babies.



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