Thursday, March 24, 2011

There Are Holes in the Moon

Nobody's Opinion: Somewhere tonight a dead Marine in Afghanistan, is being scrapped off the inside of a Humvee by some other Marine whose job it is to figure out how to get as much as is left of his body back to the morgue...sometimes having to grab it by sticky gobs...looking for notes in pockets and pictures of children, dogs, and cars to send home.
While I think about this, I glanced down at my dog, who sits at full attention, waiting for me to give her the last of the glass of milk that I am enjoying...she's getting old, but when it comes to milk, she has the look of a young puppy.
These two scenes..a young man far away, blown up for a reason not many of us really know anything about, and myself here--- sitting comfortable in my little room...leaves me feeling like Alice falling down a hole, only to come out the other side and floating off into space. I don't want him to be there. I don't want some mother to lose her child to a country whose government has been captured by elite oligarchs who send boys into battle and for which they no longer care what it's citizens' might want.
I try to imagine what the people in England must have felt during the blitz, and I just can't. And I certainly don't want to be thinking about any of this tonight...but I am.
In America...we know that the enemy is over there. But, we also know, they are welcoming them here with open arms, and that's because we have a President who believes the absurd notion that Muslims have been a great part of America and her history. So...
Nobody Knows when the American's are going to make a much needed "Regime" change here. Who's running? So far, candidates like Palin, Romney, and Newt have all made some big bucks just hinting at the prospect through book sales. Donald also has made money off the announcement. Ron Paul...mmmmm ...will he run again? Probably all of them will, but what really troubles this Nobody is the fact that not one..NOT has come out to challenge Obama. That party has been obliterated. It almost doesn't exist.
Nobody's Perfect; Somewhere in Florida some black chick walks into a Burger King and attacks the (white) people serving her food. She hops up on the counter and hits them with a plastic cooler. Yes, this fine mother of four kids, was on spring vacation. The rest of the black tourists helped her trash the restaurant. This happens when your welfare check can only take you from Alabama to Florida, when you really wanted a Hawaii vacation. Times are rough.
Nobody Cares: I'm waiting for the big earthquake. It's been predicted that California is going to have a huge one due to the Super moon, (sometimes before the 27th) and even Michael Moore is going to feel this one.
Nobody Wonders: Were Liz Taylors' eyes REALLY violet, or did she wear contacts? And why did she win Oscars and Richard Burton did not? Care to speculate? I saw her once in person, and I really didn't see the purple eyes. She was beautiful..but all I saw was mascara.
Nobody's Fool: Ron Paul came out with this statement about our wars:
“The American people are sick and tired of this. We are in trouble here.
We’re spending money overseas, we blow up countries and then we have to rebuild
them at the same time we can’t even build our own infrastructure.”

And that's why he's so popular.
Nobody Wins: So, as we watch Paul Allen buy a nice small jet for himself, you must know, our Unions are out to destroy the country and redistribute the money due to the fact that Michael Moore says, the rich have got loads of money and he wants it.
The Chinese are dealing with the problem of all their newly rich being able to keep their own money by avoiding revolutions. After all, they ARE communists. The people in the city are making three times as much as their country cousins. So...Beijing has ordered on pain of a hefty fine, all Billboards a ban on luxury. To tone down the divide between the rich and the poor. They want the words, "luxury, royal, supreme, and high class" taken out of all advertizing.
Hey, we have been doing that here for some time. The rich will pay over a hundred dollars for jeans that have big holes in them. They want to let the poor people know, they are JUST like them, the rich have holy jeans too--don't hurt them.
Nobody Reports that even maybe the fact that our movie stars are no longer glamorous, is a well thought out plan for the rich to keep themselves safe.
And having said that, I feel safe tonight knowing that somewhere a Marine gave his life for the right that I can go have another glass of milk, before I get into my nice warm bed.
At least, that's what I'm telling myself. I don't want to fall down any more holes than I have to.
I'm climbing up to the moon.



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