Monday, March 21, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: Messiah Obama, VS Tax-Dodger McClasKill.

Nobody's Perfect: 'President' Obama was criticized heavily on all the cable channels last week (and ALSO by Donald Trump) for playing too much gulf as Japan's nuclear reactors were melting down. He came out and pretty much said, we were all heartbroken, and ships were sent to help, but then Obama pretty much stayed quiet and went back to the links.
Then he came out again, and said Gaddafi had got to go, and so, after asking, "Mother may I?" to the United Nations, he sent over some of our best and lethal planes to bomb for a few days, which will pretty much do just about nothing, as all the generals were saying.
So now we find out, Obama has changed his mind, and we are going to hand over the situation to the French and British. He wants Gaddafi to leave, but, that's not why he sent over planes, which makes about as much sense as telling someone I want you to go, but...go ahead and stay...not my call. Obama has the foreign policy equivalence of a community organizer, what he is.
Remember the good old days when Congress had to declare war?
The Libyan oil fields are one of the main suppliers of oil that Europe gets outside of Russia. Russia owns all the other pipelines. Which explains why George W. Bush took Gaddafi off the terrorist' list, and the Scots sent back the Lockabie bomber.
So, Obama put a small effort in, and now Michael Moore wants him to return his peace prize.
Maybe it's because we have a Supermoon, but for once, I agree with Michael Moore. Europe, like America, should protect its own oil interests. Too bad they seem to be copying us.
But there IS one thing he did so right this week. He went to Rio, (missing any fallout here) to get jobs for Brazilians. He also managed to get his schedule changed to visit the Statue of Christ the Redeemer to nighttime so that his photographer could get this famous shot to be displayed to all the world. And if you think this wasn't planned perfectly,'s Obama standing right in the middle of Jesus' silhouette. It's as if Jesus is saying, "I bless and care for his man."

The only reason he is trying to catch Jesus' light, is because there ARE no lighted night statues of Mohammed anywhere in the world. And for that, we can be thankful.
And then--- there's Claire McCaskill, from my home state of Missouri. Senator McCaskill at one time was Missouri's state auditor. Claire, just like all our politicians, loves to fly around on her private plane at the expense of the taxpayers. She has made over 90 trips from here to Washington.
BUT...she has not paid her property taxes on her plane for over four years. She owes over $280,000 dollars and is planning to sell it.
"The Missouri Republican Party is going to try to ride this horse as long as
they can. They’re going to try to make this as big a deal as they can. Them
filing the ethics complaint is about as surprising as the sun coming up. I have
convinced my husband to sell the damn plane,” McCaskill said on a conference
call with reporters. “I will never set foot on the plane again.”
The Senate Ethics Committee has yet to comment on the matter.
Gee sound a bit upset that you had to pay back the money? For a lady who was state auditor, this nobody finds it hard to believe she had no clue that she owed back taxes.
No big deal? Nobody begs to seems what happens in Rio, stays in Missouri.



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