Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Forget Your Horoscope, Watch the Sitcoms

Nobody Knows---how much influence do our popular sitcoms have on us when we go to the ballot box to vote? How much influence does the government have with the various television networks and the contents of their programming? And most importantly, does money change hands to producers for certain political messages?

Before we even knew that Hillary Clinton would be defeated by a black man named Obama, we fell in love with the most awesome President that we had ever witnessed on our TV's. He was perfect, and he was black. President David Palmer, (now the All State Insurance Man) did everything right. He was tough, honest, fair, and every episode we watched, got us turning off our TV and saying, "I wish HE was our President!"

24 was the biggest sitcom on TV, and candidate Obama had the black vote, but he needed so many whites to cross over to him to get the nomination. The Jack Bauer sitcom, was watched by die-hard conservatives, and it's no stretch of the imagination that President Palmer gave us complete trust that Obama would be a great President, like the President Palmer on TV. Give the black guy a chance. Look at David Palmer.

Boy, were we suckered.

Jack Bauer hooked us by the nose and lead us right into socialism.


Kiefer Sutherland, the actor who portrayed the ultra-conservative Jack Bauer is the grandson of Tommy Douglas, the politician who got Universal Health Care passed in Canada, and the actor himself has said he likes the system of socialism, which his character Jack Bauer, would have been not so pleased about. He also was the producer.


Last night, on another sitcom called, The EVENT, we also have another black President, and wouldn't you just know it, in the last episode he is dealing with a nuclear meltdown and disaster. This black President is also, like David Palmer, honest, wonderful, brave...etc, etc....all the things Obama is not. And we are seeing that he is willing to risk the death of a million of his own citizens in order to...save the planet.

A concept they want you to think is sane. I was personally shocked to hear a President, even on a sitcom, say..""Well of course I would sacrifice a million people to save the planet?"

Uh....can't we even talk about this?

Nobody knows if these sitcoms are being purposely written in a highly entertaining way, in order to mold the people into accepting that our President is not the weak, incompetent, often times malevolent, raciest man we have come to know, but the brave, bold, and wonderful black President we are seeing on our popular sitcoms.

Nobody thinks this stuff is no accident. What worries me, is not so much the propaganda of liberals in Hollywood trying to shore up the poor image of our black President--- but the fact that last night THE EVENT was all about nuclear accidents, and the black sitcom President was seen...shaking Japanese officials hands.

They had to have filmed this before the accident.


Nobody wonders if the powerful and elite, knew what was coming.

If you go on the website of THE EVENT...you will read this about the fictional black President, Martinez.

"Moral and idealistic. Hugely popular with the American people and around the
world, President Martinez wants to be a new kind of President, working toward a
new America. He's committed to honesty and runs the first truly bipartisan Born
to Cuban refugees in Miami, Florida, President Martinez is very proud of his
Afro-Cuban roots. He is a graduate of Yale University. A lover of music, he had
a drum set installed in a sound proof room in the basement of the White House,
which he plays to relieve stress administration in recent history"

Yeah, I know. Obama is under so much stress he plays golf, and has big parties with great drummers and singers.

Somewhere they want you to believe that Obama is President Martinez, (getting the Latino vote too!) and David Palmer all rolled into one sweet, magnificent man. ...and he is a "new kind of President."

Well, I have to agree on that. He's new alright. And he is working for a new America.

I suggest we watch the sitcoms before the next elections..to find out if the American people even survive, and if the next sitcom President becomes a dictator to "save the planet."

How much you wanna bet..he's black?



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

Its a bit lonely here, but I miss the style.

5:55 AM  
Blogger STACY PEREZ said...

I love watching political thrillers and 24 is one of the best sitcoms of all time. I also agree with you that television can influence a nation into making critical decisions in politics.

2:31 AM  

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