Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Is Ahmadinejad on Steroids, and is Barry Bonds Telling the Truth?

Nobody Knows which story in the news today was funnier: Barry Bonds saying that his trainer told him he was taking flax seed oil and arthritis cream and he had no clue he was on steroids for all the years he played baseball, or Ahmadinejad claiming that Iran has developed the first flying saucer to fly the earth.
Let's hope those aliens from Roswell are actually dead.
Nobody Knows which one of these men are telling the truth.
On the one hand, if flax seed DID actually boost Barry's Bonds muscles to the size of large cannon balls, then flax seed would cost over $100 an ounce because every man in the world would have vast cases of it stored in the back trunk of his car. AND if Barry actually believed his trainer was giving him flaxseed, that is evidence right there that his steroid abuse was beyond comprehension.
On the other hand, If Ahmadinejad has actually developed a flying saucer, then I say we need to see what he means to do with this "flying saucer."
Invade our Capitol and capture Jack Nicolas?
Put a saucer over every city in the Western World with JBL speakers ready to play Yoko Ono's greatest hits over and over, thereby destroying us with our own music till we surrender to Allah?
Challenge our F-16's to a showdown?
Land on a golf course and kidnap Obama?
Do nighttime raids over cattle farms in Iowa during our presidential primaries?
Sell them to Gaddafi?
Nobody Knows if this is real, but Ahmadinejad says these flying saucers will be spy machines, something our own government is working on night and day, only they are making spy planes to look like bugs and birds.
I don't care, I'm not feeding them.
More than likely he is telling the truth...he has a flying saucer, but it's NOT the first one ever to fly the earth. And I bet when we finally get to see one for real, they will look much like our drones, which, by the way, are doing a lot of damage over there.
The saucer, named "Zohal," sure takes a good picture...just like all the other pictures ever taken of a UFO.
Nobody thinks that we do have aliens walking the earth, and today we found out that Nobody Cares.



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