Monday, March 28, 2011

The Obamacrats...Part II

Nobody Remembers: Let's remember our fine historical history of the connections between the mob and the Democrats. This just released on AP:
President Barack Obama will raise cash for Democrats in New York this week and Chicago next month. A Democratic official says Obama will raise money for the Democratic National Committee Tuesday night during a trip to New York for the dedication of a United Nations building. Obama will also attend a democratic fundraiser April 14 in his hometown of Chicago, the same city where his re-election campaign will be based.
As we recall, it was Jimmy Hoffa that gave the final votes from Illinois to put Jack Kennedy in the White House, simply because Joseph Kennedy, his dad, who made his millions off of illegal bootlegging, asked them to do it as a favor. And then, the OTHER brother, Robert, who was made Attorney General by his Presidential brother, came after them, for which, many say...the Mafia had them both killed, with the blessing of LBJ who REALLY wanted to be President. Hey, that's what they say. New York and Tammery Hall...are still alive, and now, Richard Daley, the current Chicago Jimmy Hoffa, works for Obama. Rahn Emanuel, Obama's right hand man, was given the office of Mayor of Chicago, to make sure that the votes from Illinois once again go to Obama, keeping them all in power. Harry Reid will die before he leaves Las Vegas, the town that was built by the pensions trust funds of the Unions out of Chicago. Nobody talks about the Mafia anymore, but they did send Rahm a dead fish, when he left the White House. Those Mafia guys really have a great sense of humor.



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