Sunday, April 03, 2011

Nobody's Opinion I was flushing around in an old 1995 book I had in my library today called, The Practical Guide to Practically Everything, when I came across the Chapter on Careers:

Here's what it said, and I'm NOT making this up:

THE YEAR AHEAD: BE PREPARED for more job turmoil, less job security. .. Remember, in 1995, Bill Clinton was President, and the economy, according to everyone at the time was the best it had ever been. Yes, Bill Clinton, it was being reported daily, had bought down our deficit and gave us a surplus, the first in years! So...Why does this say, in 1995, that there will be more job turmoil? How did this guy know?

He knew.

ADVOID manufacturing jobs, which will continue to slump...

Okay, how did they know that? This is 1995, BEFORE the big crash. It's almost as if this guy KNEW the plan coming, and was really telling us what to do. Trump is right. We have no manufacturing here, and it's been slowly dissipating for many years due to our fine officials in Washington, who did not protect our manufacturing base, which every other country in the world does but us.

It was suicidal, so why?

The biggest employer is our government, and those that work for the government just manufacture huge, gargantuan salaries--- among other nefarious things. But to write this in 1995?

They knew.

SEEK out jobs in the fast-growing service sector.

Now you get the feeling they were purposely taking all of America to a 'service' economy for some ultimate far-off goal. This was not the FIRST time I had read that the United States of America would become a "service" economy..KFC, McDonalds, Burger King, Subway, K-Mart, Wal-Mart--- there are mostly only service jobs now in the private sector. I had been reading about us becoming a service job economy for many years in various career books in the libraries as far back as 1990. Most of the "service' jobs now, are in the government.

It was like they were preparing the masses, to know, that in the future..America would be just "service.' No manufacturing. Let those Chinese do it. We've decided.

They knew.

APPLY for an internship to land a job...

While working free for a short time is nothing new, it has been taken to fine art. Arianna Huffington just got reprimanded for not paying her many writers on her Huffington Post. Volunteering is the new mantra...don't get paid...donate all your services for free. Be a good person. Cleverly they are using the churches to push this "we want free slaves" idea. How many jobs nowadays have internships besides the government? Enquiring minds want to know.

DON'T EXPECT more than a 4 percent raise...

How about, don't expect any raises? How about--- expect to lose your job sometime soon and then work the rest of your life at a part- time job?

PROTEST because women still earn less than men...

Oh please...this one is getting old. But it's the new/too old, feminist agenda. A lot of women in America make MORE money than the men, at least around my neighborhood. They are destroying the "men's' jobs, which are mostly in construction, and that we will have a nation of women at work, in 'service' jobs, and not at home raising kids. Send those liberal bleeding hearts to Afghanistan, they need women workers there.

ANTICIPATE fewer perks... Fewer perks? Is no more eating out, taking vacations, buying new cars, sending the kids to college, going to movies, etc... considered a perk? I don't know too many people riding in Limo's.

Forget the perks, unless you're on welfare, then you can take that trip to Las Vegas.

SURF the Internet for new job listings...

Charlie Sheen is looking for Warriors who can hold machete's..tweet him.

DON'T ANSWER every question at a job interview..

This means, do not, under any circumstances whatsoever, tell the interviewer you are a tea party patriot or a birther. In the words of Professor Dumbledore...The consequences could be severe.

RELAX if you get fired.

If you are any color but white, you have no worries. The government will take care of you. (Wait, my cousin is white and the government has supported her and her three kids, and her grandchildren for just about forever.) have to be lazy, and dishonest. I will say...'If you are lazy and dishonest." relax...get fired.

BUT...If you are white, you are to become an extinct species...and if you don't believe me, look up any information on how the white man is going to be the minority by the year 2025. They are TELLING you now, just so you know.

They warned you back in 1995, so they are warning you now.

What's next? My advice is to watch as much Sci-Fi as you can, and Glenn Beck. We are being shown night after night that most of America is going to be attacked, by comets, sunspots, ice storms, global warming, the 12th Imam, weather manipulation, Lindsay Lohan, when it good boys and girls and do whatever the authorities tell you. I guess they now know, no one is reading 2011's "Practical Guide to Practically Anything" because if they were... They would be not only trying to get fired, but would be volunteering to work for FEMA's food services, in order to be ready for 2025. America going to be destroyed in 2012? I need a new guide book. .


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