Monday, April 11, 2011

Nobody's Perfect: Obama VS GM

Nobody's Perfect: Henry Ford...are you watching this? As usual, I can't leave Obama out of this week's contest because, like the energizer bunny, he just keeps ticking on and on..drumming out imperfections---this time, in his head. But, nobody wants to start with the fun stuff: Cars...that don't work. On the radio this morning came the news: Warning..Will Rogers! The much publicized and anticipated car of all cars to carry us dreamily into the Obama future and keep us within a fifty miles area of our homes--- GM's Chevy Volt...has a problem: It won't start. But don't worry said the announcer, this is NOT a safety problem. Oh..that's good to know. You are safely at might lose your job because you can't start your car..but you can't sue GM for that. You should have walked to work. On the other hand, the Chevy Cruze, has a steering wheel which might come off at anytime during your drive. And you COULD sue for it's been filed under 'safety issues'. Good thing GM doesn't make planes. A pilot without a steering mechanism would be a bit more frantic. At least, you can take your foot off the gas, and live, if you are going under--- 10 mph. Nobody thinks they want us all to buy Segways. Yes, America has come into the wonderful world of globalization. Cars that break up, and cars that won't start: and they call it...progress, because the less people driving the better. Nudging us all...into the future. Except the nudging isn't working, so they are back to using old fashion...fear. And then, there's the big scar we all saw on Obama's Head, put up on Drudge last week. It's's NOT a birthmark. And so, either somebody is having fun with Photoshop, or it's real. What could this mean? Can I have some fun? Many think that Obama is really the Anti-Christ...because according to the Bible, the Anti-Christ comes from the Middle-East. (I'm with Donald on this) Then somebody shoots him in the head (the Anti-Christ) and he lives, to go on to be the most beloved person on the planet, and therefore, for seven years he rules the world and everybody really loves him, before he brings on Armageddon. So..what if, to keep in power, Obama has a steel plate put into the back of his head, to TAKE a bullet by a planted KKK guy, therefore starting riots...and chaos, and out of the chaos, Martial Law is enacted and Obama becomes even MORE powerful, the 2012 elections are postponed, and the Bible's Revelations come to pass. Either that, or they had to remove that chip to get him to start acting more conservative in order to win the next election. We heard him say this week, that he misses being anonymous..and that's why he plays golf. It's also why he visited the Lincoln Memorial last week. He wanted to remain anonymous about all the great work he did on keeping the government open. Really, nobody ever visits the Lincoln Memorial.



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