Friday, April 08, 2011

Fund the Soldiers or Kill the Babies? Mmmmmm

Nobody Wins: America was worked up to a gurgling great-bellied political tizzy today. All the networks acted as if it was the end of our world as we know it if a budget wasn't passed by midnight. It came down to: Should we keep paying the boys overseas to die for freedom in the Middle East (and hopes that democracy will spread in Bush's 50 years), or continue to pay for the one abortion every 95 seconds going on at Planned Parenthood, which needs only a meager $363.2 million a year to save women lives. (unless they happen to be unborn women that is.) Heeellloooo? If you picked Planned Parenthood to be funded over our troops, then maybe you should consider: What exactly is your purpose on this planet? Go ahead, there are LOTS of books out there to help you. I don't get it. The last two times the "budget" wasn't passed was because the Democrats just didn't feel it was worth even doing---Nobody Cared at all. But today, it was made into the greatest Congressional fight since Ali and Frazier: A fight brought on by the tea party, who want to end all life on the planet. Yes, and Harry Reid's wife, daughter, and great granddaughters just might die. He pretty much said as much late into the wee hours before the final vote, which got them to throw out the question of whether or not to fund that lover of life and liberty..Planned Parenthood, and talk about it some other day. The old Scarlett O'Hara ploy. I guess Harry just can't afford good insurance on his wife and daughter. They HAVE to go to Planned Parenthood, he's so poor...wait...I'm sure Harry's family is on his really great Congressional Health Plan, so why all this worry about Planned Parenthood? Did Harry Reid just LIE to the American people? Sure he did. And he not getting any better at it. And excuse me...Doesn't Obamacare provide all the very same things that Planned Parenthood does? Why are we funding two programs? Somewhere in the middle of the afternoon...Harry Reid gave it another shot. He scowled and gave his best and most scariest warning: The Cherry Tree Festival...might not go on. OH NO...not that! Anything but that! Minute by minute panic buttons were being pressed and Americans were told that, all the parks would close down, you would not get your tax refunds until 2033, and all non-essential people would not get paid, which in real life means, two-thirds of all governmental workers, and all of Congress and our President. Everyone would still work, just not get a's their progressive dream. We'd just all start bartering, tennis shoes, IPODS, and garden vegetables. Alex Baldwin would have to actually shut-up. The drama continued to build throughout the day...Congressmen and women all giving their opinions on the hard work and frustration...each party blaming the other.
Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-N.Y.) said [Thursday] that the new Republicans elected to the House of Representatives last November came to Congress “to kill women.” She also likened Republican efforts to prohibit federal funding of abortion except in cases of rape, incest or where the life of the mother is endangered to actions taken by Nazis. And she voted for Obamacare because she thinks the idea of a small panel of people deciding who gets to live and who needs to die is just a wonderful way to practice democracy. (Okay, I said that last sentence)
In the the 11th hour..the whole show was done in dramatic fashion. They, the great Congress, came up with a total of $38 million to cut...which is like me telling Bill Gates that I will give him a down payment of one dollar for Microsoft.

Joseph Farrah explains it this way... • 1 million seconds equals 12 days • 1 billion seconds equals 32 years; • 1 trillion seconds equals 32,000 years.

We are 14.7 trillion in debt. Let's put them all on American Idol and make them sing.

Harry Reid gave himself a victory dance tonight. But this nobody saw a great dog and pony show, that made you think your congress was working really hard folks--- Trust us, we did a fantastic job of sending out cronies hour by hour to built up to the final moment of ...YES...we agreed on something! Please love us again!

They are all in so much do-do they can't get out of it...might as well put on the old political show to make the masses think something is REALLY going to change. I wouldn't doubt it if they were all playing cards all day.

"Ah...come on. One more game...let them all anticipate it. They will be so happy when we don't shut it down...Come on're turn to deal."

Yes, Harry is happy tonight. "This is historic, what we've done," said Harry Reid.

I agree Harry....historically idiotic even for you.

I'm going to go have a cup of hot tea.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amfortas says:

With a bit of luck and a fair wind, the Guvmunt might shut down for a whole week ! Oh what a Blessed Relief that would be.

But no, just like the old cliffhanger movies on a Saturday morning, 'Flash' Obama will save the day until the next week when dastardly forces will present yet another crisis.

By the way, Dear Heart, this piece isn't appearing on the other site. I get a 'Can't be Found' sign. For this piece that is.

7:27 AM  

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